The ceiling has long been considered the fifth wall in terms of interior design. Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked when planning out the rest of the room. A plain ceiling detracts from the look and style of a room, which can mean the difference between a truly stunning design and one that just misses the mark. 

If you’re in the process of updating the interiors of a commercial space, make sure to pay attention to the ceiling. Customizable ceiling systems can help you turn this previously overlooked area into the focus of the entire design.

Why Update the Ceiling?

The ceiling is frequently left plain or simply overlooked in designs, with many people not realizing its potential. While walls often get used for purposes beyond decoration — such as with windows, doors, bulletin boards, wall art, announcements and shelving — the ceiling is a fairly unbroken expanse. 

Lighting is usually located in the ceiling, but most lighting today is either recessed or statement and doesn’t impact the style or the design of the ceiling. Lights can be stand out from the design of the ceiling to enhance the look, or they can be integrated as subtle parts of the design.

Updating the ceiling can have several benefits for the rest of the interior design. If the ceiling is updated, it can sometimes make a big enough statement that the rest of the room can be left with a more simple design, allowing the space to be more utilitarian or minimal in presentation. 

Other times, updating the ceiling can help create a more cohesive look for the room. If the space features specific materials, colors or elements everywhere but the ceiling, the room may look unfinished. Completing the ceiling with a similar style can help make the room appear more finished as well. 

Customizable Ceiling Systems

There are a lot of different ceiling materials and systems on the market. Most of them, however, are meant to be adjusted to your ceiling, rather than designed just for your space. This means that you may have a ceiling that’s not the right fit for the space, or you may have difficulty finding a style that complements the rest of your design.

With a customizable ceiling system, you can get something that fits your space both functionally and aesthetically. It’s possible to incorporate lights where you need them or to incorporate acoustic sound control — or both. Customizable ceiling systems give you the ceiling that best fits your interior design’s needs, rather than simply covering the ceiling in order to avoid leaving it blank. 

9 Custom Ceiling Design Ideas

If you’re wondering just how much of an impact a customizable ceiling system design can have on your space, take a look at these interior design images:

1. Industrial Complement

Arktura TriSoft® Dynamic installed in office

Pictured: Trisoft Dynamic

Loft-style spaces often have high ceilings that may have exposed ductwork or pipes. This type of ceiling needs a ceiling system that can accommodate those features, while also enhancing the industrial style of the loft. The ceiling system pictured above does just that, while also enhancing the windows and doors in the room with a similar style and color pattern. 

2. Soft Waves

Arktura Atmosphera® Contour 3D installed in office.

Pictured: Atmosphera – Contour 3D

This space has a lot of hard edges and clean surfaces that work well for the office, but it needs something to soften them. The softly waving ceiling overhead perfectly complements the style of the room, while adding a softening component that helps make the room feel more welcoming. 

3. Added Depth

Arktura Atmosphera® Pulse installed in office.

Pictured: Atmosphera – Pulse

Want to make a tall ceiling feel more accessible while retaining its height? This open ceiling system allows the original ceiling and lights to peek through, while also visually lowering the ceiling slightly. This adds depth and dimension to the room in an unexpected way.

4. Natural Feel

Arktura Atmosphera® Analog 3D installed in Mead Johnson with soft sound wood

Pictured: Atmosphera – Analog 3D

The color and style of this ceiling help to complement the natural slab-style tables as well as the modern decor. The ceiling system provides movement and interest, with its wood texture picking up the natural contours of the slab table tops, creating a cohesive design. 

5. Work of Art

Alluvia® acoustical system installed above ATL Lobby

Pictured: Alluvia Custom

Every room needs a focal point, and in this office, it’s the logo. What the ceiling system does in this example is pull the eye in the logo’s direction, help illuminate it and make it feel like it’s on display. The ceiling also creates additional interest for the room, while heightening the focus of the brand.

6. Crisp, Clean Design

Analog with lights corporate office

Pictured: Atmosphera – Analog

This space utilizes lines, planes and colors very strategically to complete the style of the room. The two-tone colors and the mix of sharp lines of the ceiling and curves of the space create a dynamic look. The soft gray ceiling system ties in perfectly both in terms of color and in terms of the clean, sleek lines that are already present in the room. 

7. Soft Glow

Arktura Atmosphera® Contour 3D installed in Coty

Pictured: Atmosphera – Contour 3D

This ceiling comes from the Atmosphera collection, and it more than lives up to its name and potential. The soft waves and color of the ceiling illuminated from above create an overhead glow that is instantly complementary not only to the interior design but also to the people who occupy and visit the space. 

8. Custom Images

Arktura Vapor Graphic Perf

Pictured: Vapor Graphic Perf

If you want to make your brand really stand out, incorporate company images on your walls, like the example above. The graphic is drawn into the metal using Arkutra’s advanced manufacturing technology, continuing the flying theme for a stunning design visitors won’t forget.

9. Colorful Rods

Alluvia® Custom installed above corner of lobby area.

Pictured: Alluvia Custom

Ceiling systems don’t need to mean panels; this ceiling is a unique work of art made up of different rods in varying sizes and colors. It creates a stunning design on the ceiling above the lounge area and instantly draws the eye in a way that the furniture alone cannot do.

Customize Your Ceiling

Using a customizable ceiling system can allow you to transform your interior design to create a unique look singular to your design. If your interior needs elevation, consider customizing your ceiling to get the effect you want.

Talk to a professional at Arktura about designing your custom ceiling system, and complete your space with style.