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Introducing Particle™ Wall & Ceiling Panel Systems

September 1, 2020
arktura ceiling

Arktura is adding a new range of options to our existing lineup of torsion spring panel systems with the introduction of Particle™.

Particle™ makes its debut as a micro-perforated line of panels conveying subtle texture and dimension that will have people looking twice. It offers finer perforation than our established lines and introduces new patterns to extend your creative palette.


Pictured: Particle™ – Fuse

With its launch, Particle™ introduces a library of four scalable, seamlessly tileable, preconfigured patterns – Code, Fuse, Phase, and Ion. Particle™ Code brings a tech-focused aesthetic to your space with linear micro-perforations that evoke genome sequencing or bars of digital code. Particle™ Fuse reinterprets the linear pattern of code into a micro-perforated design for a more indirect impression across the tiles. Particle™ Phase creates a diffused checkerboard of micro-perforations, and Particle™ Ion creates an inspiring cloud-like perception by utilizing the most diffused micro-perforations of this disruptive collection.


Pictured: Particle™ – Ion

Through the utilization of an existing standard torsion spring panel system or Arktura’s Vertika® wall channel system, Particle™ provides the same easy installation, accessibility, and accessory options as Arktura’s custom of standard systems.  Looking for more POP? Strengthen Particle™’s patterns with backlighting or play up its intricacy, add acoustic performance with our new non-woven acoustic fabric backers, plus create a perfect color selection through our available custom powder coatings.  The endless combinations of design and performance are ready to be ordered through our expanding global network of reps.

Pictured: Particle™ – Phase

Pictured: Particle™ – Code

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