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Product Design

Suspended Acoustic Modules: 12 Ways to Add Dimension to Your Space

August 25, 2020
Arktura TriSoft®

Acoustics are nearly as crucial to the design as the way a space looks or functions in large or shared spaces. Acoustic paneling and sound-absorbing modules can help make large, high-ceiling and shared spaces more comfortable to use by absorbing unwanted sounds. Utilizing decorative suspended acoustic ceiling modules to help improve sound in a space can also help improve its appearance at the same time.

Suspended sound-absorbing modules are unique ways to help improve the acoustics in an area. Unlike old fashioned drop ceiling modules that didn’t add to the design of a room, newer suspended acoustic modules are made of materials that can be fashioned into any shape and come in a variety of colors that can help transform a space.

Suspended Ceiling Panels Design Ideas

If you’ve been wondering how suspended ceiling panels might work in your area, consider these 12 design ideas to see how easy it is to add dimension, style, and acoustic control to your space.

1. Delicate Detail

Arktura SoftGrid Flux

Pictured: SoftGrid® – Flux

Large, open spaces often need more interest on the ceiling to help shape the room and give it more definition and detail. Otherwise, the room may feel too open or empty, even when furnished.

Suspended acoustic modules like the Softgrid Flux make such a great addition to a space. They add detail and layer to the ceiling, so the rest of the room feels more finished and help control sound in open spaces, so it’s easier to converse. 

2. Sculptural Ceiling

Arktura SoftGrid Orbit

Pictured: SoftGrid® – Orbit

Suspended ceiling modules don’t need to be individual or separate from one another to work. Sometimes the best visual fit for a space is to cover larger areas of the ceiling at once. That’s when designs — like the one pictured above — are made up of many modules together are the best fit. 

This SoftGrid® Orbit acoustic ceiling allows for light to be used behind it, illuminating the room softly and creating even more dimension. 

3. Soft Waves

SoftGrid® Sine acoustical system closeup

Pictured: SoftGrid® – Sine 

Suspended ceiling acoustic modules don’t need to hide your ceiling or blend with it. These softly undulating modules create a unique grid on the ceiling that makes it appear to be moving in waves from one end of the room to the next. 

The SoftGrid® Sine doesn’t have a lot of detail, so it works well in areas where form and shape can take center stage, creating a more subtle look for the room, while providing acoustic control at the same time. 

4. Added Ceiling Depth

SoftFold® acoustical system installed in Alur lobby

Pictured: Modular Acoustic Ceiling System

Acoustic ceiling modules can also be used to obscure the ceiling from some angles while allowing it to show through in others. 

This SoftFold® ceiling design adds a unique pattern and depth to the ceiling, layering it so that the things about the original ceiling that complement the room can still show, while at the same time, you add a new dimension of interest to the space.

5. Cut Away

Arktura SoftGrid Switch

Pictured: SoftGrid® – Switch

Small accents of a bold color can sometimes make a bigger statement than an entire ceiling done in a bright hue. 

This SoftGrid® Switch ceiling is done in shades of gray and bold yellow, picking up colors already in the room. The pieces intermingling with one another on the ceiling match the playful vibe created by the colors below so the entire design looks fresh and fun.

6. Strategic Acoustic Placement

Grey SoundStar in Optiv lobby with staircase behind

Pictured: Hexagon Ceiling modules

Acoustic modules work best in areas where people want to have quiet conversation and in areas where echoes and other noises tend to be amplified. Just beside a stairway, this seating area is an area where conversation may be difficult to hear or understand with the traffic of the stairs nearby. 

That’s where strategically placed acoustic ceiling modules like these unique SoundStars® come in. By angling them right where they’re needed, they can ensure quiet conversation in even the loudest areas.

7. Floating Ceiling

Arktura SoftGrid Deca

Pictured: SoftGrid® – Deca

Some areas need acoustic control, but could also benefit from a whimsical or playful vibe. That’s what makes this SoftGrid® Deca suspended acoustic ceiling so appealing: It appears to be floating above the room, with a color that brightens the space, instantly setting the mood and the aesthetic for the room at the same time. 

8. Fine Lines

Trace® Slant with Soft Sound® backers and Arktura's InLine Integrated Lighting Close-up

Pictured: Trace® – Slant

Suspended acoustic ceilings don’t have to be made of heavy materials. This acoustic ceiling has a light, airy and elegant appearance to it, while also striking a contemporary note. 

The integrated lighting in the panels moves the eye down the room, creating visual energy across the ceiling and adding dimension simultaneously. 

9. Subtle Ceiling Design

Arktura TriSoft®

Pictured: TriSoft® Standard Ceiling System

Suspended acoustic ceiling modules don’t need to be visibly hung. Some can be used to create a drop ceiling or a finished ceiling with a lot more power and interest than the older acoustic drop ceilings. 

This black and white ceiling made with TriSoft® modules makes a stunning addition to any room — and you wouldn’t realize just by looking it was made for acoustic control.

10. Patterned Ceiling Design

Arktura SoftGrid

Pictured: SoftGrid® – Deca 

Ceilings don’t need to conform to one specific style across their entirety to be effective. This SoftGrid® Deca ceiling mixes open areas with solid, geometric shapes. 

The pattern keeps the ceiling interesting and fluid in appearance, while also concentrating extra acoustical material right where you need it. 

11. Multi-functional Ceiling Design

VaporSoft Trail with Frosted Backer and Arkluma™ Backlight Integrated Lighting installed in office.

Pictured: VaporSoft® – Trail

Get sound control and optional lighting right where you need it with this unique system. 

Backlighting brings the design of this acoustic ceiling to life, while the trail of dots perforating the surface helps draw the eye along its length, emphasizing its placement in the room and the room’s shape and design

12. Layered Ceiling

Arktura SoftGrid Wave installed in a corporate office

Pictured: SoftGrid® – Wave Acoustic modules 

Sometimes the existing ceiling in an area already has a lot of interest and appeal. Instead of covering it up entirely, it makes more sense to let it show through, while adding an acoustical system right below it. 

This SoftGrid® Wave ceiling adds contrast in color and direction to the wood ceiling behind, without taking anything away from its original charm. 

Add Dimension and Sound Control With Suspended Acoustic Panels

Acoustic modules and acoustic ceilings can help you master the sound in any space. Whether you need a quiet place for conversation or a more enhanced work environment, acoustic modules can help you achieve your goals with unique, whimsical and elegant shapes and designs while also enhancing the space’s appearance. 

Consider adding some acoustic hanging ceiling modules to your project to capture these benefits for yourself. Contact Arktura today for more information on suspended acoustic modules.