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Product News

New Acoustic Building Blocks – SoundEdge™ and SoundAngle™

February 4, 2017

SoundEdge™ and SoundAngle™ – Introducing Acoustic Building Blocks from Arktura

Arktura is proud to introduce two new lines of acoustic building blocks –  SoundEdge™ and SoundAngle™. These highly configurable modular, out-of-the box, sound-attenuating baffle solutions are constructed from our Soft Sound® acoustical material and are available in a variety of colors, in both Class A and Class C fire ratings.

The scalable SoundAngle™ ceiling system consists of V-shaped baffles, available in two fin sizes, that add visual depth and decrease acoustical reverberations in all directions. Its geometrical design and Soft Sound® construction work together to dramatically reduce noise. SoundEdge™, meanwhile, offers a modular design, based on a single, flat fin and is available in a multitude of lengths and depths. The elements of this stylish and flexible system can ship flat-packed, are easy to install, and can be mixed and matched in numerous configurations.

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