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Product Design

Office Partition & Room Divider Ideas to Combat Conference Call Noise

October 27, 2021
Arktura Vapor Trail

Office communication technology has come a long way in recent years, making it easier to work together even when we’re not in the same space. Despite the wealth of connectivity tools like email, Slack, direct messages, group text or Trello, the conference call remains a necessity even in today’s modern workplace.

Whether team members are using video chat or the tried and true telephone, conference call noise can permeate through the office, creating distractions for others. Office dividers and partitions allow you to separate a space while providing a boost in acoustic comfort to combat conference call noise.

Today’s room divider ideas for the office include options in a variety of colors and patterns to fit the modern office aesthetic. Many office partitions offer multiple installation options to allow flexible configurations or fixed partitions. Ceiling panels can transition to walls to create dividers. Custom solutions can provide the perfect mix of design and performance.

Room Divider Ideas for a Modern Office

Go to Great Lengths

This room has a green wall with a plush, grey sofa. There’s an orange ottoman, a coffee table, a yellow chair and two lamps also in the space. 
“Green Grooves” Featuring: SoftScreen® Groove Straight by Arktura

Using multiple SoftScreen® Groove Straight panels and partitions as an office separator, you can create an acoustic barrier between spaces in the office. Made with Soft Sound® material, these office partitions absorb noise, create a more comfortable space, and control conference call noise. 

There are three spacing options for vertical lines and a library of Soft Sound® colors to choose from that will allow you to customize the look of the panels in order to tailor them to the office design.

Seamlessly Transition From Ceiling to Wall

This space incorporates white SoftGrid® Wave panels into the design.
“Sentry Insurance” Stevens Point, WI, Mudrovich Architects, Featuring: SoftGrid® Wave by Arktura

The wave pattern of SoftGrid® Wave can encompass a whole room or just a small area, and it can transition from wall to ceiling effortlessly. Made from Soft Sound® material, it controls noise without obstructing visual access throughout the space.  

This office lobby features blue sofas, wooden tables and orange, circular ottomans to serve as another seating option.
“HomeAway” Austin, TX, Rios Clementi Hale, Hunter Kerhart (Photographer), Featuring: SoftGrid® by Arktura

This custom SoftGrid® solution expands the shape and curves at just the right moment to create a seamless flow from ceiling to wall. This room partition idea is a clever way to gain the separation needed to combat conference call sounds while maintaining a cohesive space.

Enhance an Incredible Design While Providing an Acoustic Solution

This conference room features a huge wooden table with numerous, rolling, grey chairs on all sides of the table.
“Confidential Client” San Francisco, CA, Gensler, Jason O´Rear (Photographer), Featuring: SoftGrid® Wave by Arktura

Glass has increasingly been used as an office separator, and this design uses lots of smooth textures to create an office partition. However, these materials and textures may not absorb enough sound to create a comfortable acoustic environment and combat noise. 

That’s where SoftGrid® Wave comes in. With acoustic ceiling modules that flow seamlessly across the ceiling, their Soft Sound® material will create acoustic support exactly where you need it, whether it’s across the entire room or in a smaller, more targeted area.  

Mix Materials for the Perfect Space

This open space has white and blue chairs throughout the space. There are blue, moveable panels in the back of the room.
“The Blue Room” Featuring: SoftScreen® Cora by Arktura

For acoustic comfort in a flexible space, movable acoustic panels are a great idea. SoftScreen® Cora acoustic panels work together with the other materials of this office space, and with their sliding track installation, they can be moved to where they are needed most. Available in full and half pattern panels, you’ll get acoustic control tailored specifically to your space.

Control Acoustics Without Visual Obstruction

This office space has two wooden tables with red chairs. There are two people sitting at a table, and, separated by a see-through office divider, there is a seating area near the tables.
“Ajinomoto HQ” Itasca, IL, Shive Hattery, AJ Brown Imaging (Photographer), Featuring: SoftScreen® Trace by Arktura

As soon as we start talking about office divider ideas, images of small, closed-in spaces likely come to mind. The great thing about SoftScreen® Trace panels and partitions is that they create a web that will capture sound — and people’s attention — without visual obstruction. 

Available in full and half pattern panels, you can customize your acoustics and visuals while also being able to adjust the size by using one panel individually or pairing them together. For fixed panels, you can choose hanging bracket, cable hung or direct mounting methods, and for sliding panels a sliding track installation is available.

Wall Panels That Blaze a Trail

This office space has a seating area with a booth area. There’s a short, white table with a laptop on it. There’s also a grey chair next to the table.
“Goosehead” Westlake, TX, HOK, Wade Griffith (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Trail by Arktura

Many room divider ideas for the office focus on movable panels or acoustic material; however, the options don’t have to end there. Powder-coated aluminum torsion spring panels can be installed on a dividing wall to add visual interest and movement to the space. 

Vapor® Trail panels feature tapering rows of circles and when paired with a Soft Sound® backer from our extensive library of colors, reduces excess noise to create a more comfortable sonic environment for all employees.  

There are two office cubicle-type spaces in this space, separated by wall panels. The cubicles have a desk, a rolling chair and a desktop sitting on the desk.
“Cubicles” Featuring: SoftScreen® Alcazar by Arktura

The subtle and minimal design of SoftScreen® Alcazar panels are available in full or half pattern panels and offer a stunning office partition idea. Inspired by the Alcazar palace in Seville, this acoustic solution is truly a one-of-a-kind chance to inspire while creating an acoustically comfortable space. It also uses both Soft Sound® wood-textured and solid white panels for added visual interest. 

Innovative Solutions for an Innovative Design

This curved wall has some lighting coming through the wall panels.
“IBM Watson” San Francisco, CA, Gensler, Synthesis, Featuring: Solutions Studio® by Arktura

These custom curved wall panels create a noise-controlling spiral entryway that is as surprising as it is effective. For even more acoustic control, the backlighting can be replaced with a Soft Sound® acoustic backer that absorbs sound and enhances the aesthetics of the design. 

Create Acoustic Comfort in an Open Space

This office area is on the second floor. There are steps approaching the second floor, which has some seating areas.
“Amicus Therapeutic” Philadelphia, PA, CRB, Connie Zhou (Photographer), Featuring: VaporSoft® by Arktura

The cascading wall featured in this space was created using a custom Soft Sound® screen element, while the ceiling is a custom VaporSoft® application, involving torsion spring panels with Soft Sound® facing. The entire project was designed to enhance acoustic performance at any scale. This design took full advantage of the space with this ambitious installation with a stunning end result.

Combat Conference Call Noise With Unique Office Partition Ideas

Arktura has an extensive range of acoustic panels that can be used in various ways, giving building owners and designers creative freedom when crafting a space. Whether they want to use the panels on the walls, ceiling or even as a partition, originality is sparked with Arkura’s products. 

For a custom design, our Solutions Studio® will work with you to design an acoustic product that meets the needs of your space perfectly.

Feeling inspired? Contact an expert at Arktura today to leverage our superior technology for your project.

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