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SoftSpan® and Vapor® Line Expansion Claim Honors from Architectural Records Awards

December 1, 2021

Arktura is proud to announce two of its product lines are honorees in Architectural Record Magazine’s 2021 Records Products Awards, with wins bestowed upon our SoftSpan® Acoustic Trellis & Coffer System and Vapor® Biophilic Expansion. The two lines are winners in the Ceilings and Wall Coverings Category, with SoftSpan® taking the top spot as Best in Category. 

Architectural Record Magazine presents these awards to the best new products of the year, “rating entries for innovation, usefulness, and aesthetics” as a jury of six industry professionals select the top honors.  

Arktura’s SoftSpan®, “Best in Category” winner, took home the premier prize thanks in part to its ingenious system of producing the look and feel of a timber trellis system in a lightweight design that reduces noise thanks to its Soft Sound® material construction. “Softspan has a strong presence and adds a lot of personality to a space—while also providing acoustic benefits,” says James Cull, Rottet Studio design director, and associate principal. 


Pictured: SoftSpan® 24

Pictured: SoftSpan® 48A with SoundBar® – standard connectivity coming soon!

The win by the Vapor® Biophilic Expansion recognizes Vapor® Bloom and Vapor® Breeze, biomorphic patterns designed to bring nature and acoustic wellness into any space. Both evoke organic natural inspirations such as the murmuration of butterflies and the blossoming petals while offering easy integrated ways to enhance acoustic and lighting performance. These aluminum panels fit standard torsion grids and can transition from ceiling to walls seamlessly. 

Pictured: Vapor® Bloom

Pictured: Vapor® Breeze

These newfound accolades are the latest in a long line of award-winning products from Arktura. Arktura has also received Record Product Awards recognitions in the past for SoftFold, SoundStar, and SoundBar acoustic products in 2016, 2017, and 2018 respectively. 


Learn more about these wins on Architectural Record now. 

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