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Three New SoftGrid® Acoustic Ceiling Baffle Designs For Architectural Spaces

December 11, 2018
Acoustic Ceiling Baffles | SoftGrid Scale in Office Building in Marble

Here at Arktura, we believe in exploring form and function and providing the Architecture Industry with high-performance acoustical products that speak to design minds. We believe that good design should not come at the cost of high-performance products or vice versa. This is why we are extending our acoustical baffle ceiling system, SoftGrid® by 3 designs. SoftGrid® Switch, Scale and Square 6” bring visual appeal to a problem-solving product and these new variations will include Revit models for the ease of specification.


These new designs add to our SoftGrid® Family in order to give you a broader catalog of options. SoftGrid® Switch will transform your space with its dynamic visual complexity. And although it’s a modular system, its design masks the grid-like feeling often seen in ceilings and appears as one unified product.


SoftGrid® Scale is for the more functional designer who wants to add a layer of intrigue to their space. Because of its zigzagging baffles, your lighting will appear to ripple across the room creating a look and feel that can complement any number of programs.


Finally, SoftGrid® Square 6” is the newest variation of our standard SoftGrid® Square product. The flexibility of 6” spacing between baffles allows you to dramatically reduce or increase the openness of your design based on your access needs.


If you are familiar with our products then you know that our SoftGrid® Family utilizes our acoustical performance material, Soft Sound®, to achieve high noise reduction in any size space. It is made from 100% PET plastic and up to 60% recyclable content and has an NRC rating of up to .9, dependent on configuration.  Our three new designs maintain our guarantee to you that you can achieve the design aesthetic you want while solving your acoustic problem.

We are thrilled to be giving you a multitude of possibilities to explore and believe in providing a high-performance acoustical solution for your space.


Discover more details about SoftGrid® here

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