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12 Office Designs Incorporating Backlit Wall Panels

February 25, 2021
Arktura Vapor Custom

Office space today has to be both functional and versatile. Open concept offices, still gaining in popularity, need to find creative ways to differentiate areas, maintain a cohesive workplace feel, and create an exciting and engaging space in which to work. 

Incorporating backlit wall panels allows you to define separate spaces and draw attention to specific features while maintaining an overall cohesion in the design. And because they also serve to light the office, they are a functional element at their core.

Backlit Wall Panel Design Ideas

These 12 office designs will showcase backlit wall panels and inspire creative ways to incorporate them into your unique space.

1. A Backlit Waterfall Design

Arktura Vapor Trail
“Starz” Santa Monica, CA, HLW – LA, Elijay Acoustics, Inc., ©Kim Rodgers (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Trail by Arktura

Vapor® Trail’s series of perforations create a trail that emulates the flow of a waterfall. The decorative wall panels flow overhead and cascade downward to showcase the reception area. This beautiful integration is also functional, as it directs people to their first point of contact.

2. Custom Graphics With Changing Colors

Arktura Vapor Graphic Perf Custom
“160 W. Santa Clara” San Jose, CA, ESI, Acoustic Specialties, ©Caleb Tkach, AIAP (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Graphic Perf® Custom by Arktura

This innovative combination of the Vapor® and Graphic Perf® systems allows you to transfer any image or pattern onto perforated metal torsion spring panels. Using Arktura’s Vertika® wall channel system, these panels can be used as wall panels and backlit to create a stunning visual experience. You can further customize the design by having Arktura program RGB LED lighting to animate and change colors, creating a dynamic visual experience in any space. 

3. Digital Elegance Enhances a Simple Office Layout

Arktura Vapor Syntax
“Fayetteville Manlius Central School District” Manlius, NY,  King + King Architects, Henderson Johnson, Co., Featuring: Vapor® Syntax by Arktura

The digital perforation pattern of Vapor® Syntax can use backlighting to add illumination without overwhelming a space. This backlit wall panel is especially appropriate in computer labs.

4. Biophilic Meets Industrial

Arktura Solution Studio backlit perforated screens for IBM Watson
“IBM Watson”  San Francisco, CA, Synthesis Design + Architecture & Gensler – SF, California Drywall Company, Featuring: Solutions Studio® – Feature Wall by Arktura

Biophilic design considers man’s innate connection to nature and seeks to incorporate it into interior design concepts. In this design, Arktura’s Solutions Studio® team worked with Synthesis Design + Architecture to transform years of mobile sales data into metal. 

This elegant 3-D form appears to have a natural element while also utilizing advanced technology. Paired with industrial elements like concrete pillars, this design makes a unique statement.

5. A Sleek and Modern Office With a Backlit Rain Effect

“Backlit Office Feature Wall” Featuring: Particle™ Code by Arktura

The linear micro-perforations featured in Particle™ Code are inspired by genome sequencing and lines of digital code. These backlit wall panels can be oriented horizontally or vertically. In this design, the vertical orientation mimics a rain effect in a sleek and modern office setting. 

6. A Large, Custom, Curved Partition as a Focal Point

Arktura Graphic Perf backlit on a curved wall
“Newmont Goldcorp” Vancouver, British Columbia, Group 5 Design Associates Ltd., Newmont Goldcorp Integrated Services, Inc., Featuring: Graphic Perf® Photo Pattern by Arktura

For a fully customized and immersive experience, choose Graphic Perf® Custom Photoreal Interior backlit decorative wall panels. With innovative proprietary software tools, Arktura can translate any image into a pattern of holes, sized and distributed to reproduce your image with gradations of light and dark perfectly. 

Backlighting the panels serves to highlight the image. Installing these panels as a large, curved partition creates a stunning focal point with a practical function and separates spaces as needed.

Curving Graphic Perf wall
“Newmont Goldcorp” Vancouver, British Columbia, Group 5 Design Associates Ltd., Newmont Goldcorp Integrated Services, Inc., Featuring: Graphic Perf® Photo Pattern by Arktura

7. A Wall Panel That Brings Life and Color to the Office 

Arktura Graphic Perf® Scripted installed in lobby
“Samsung Reception Wall” San Francisco, CA, Gensler – LA, Dome Construction, ©Bernard André (Photographer), Featuring: Graphic Perf® Scripted by Arktura

Bringing life and color into an office doesn’t have to be complicated. Installing Graphic Perf® Scripted backlit wall panels in an entry reception area brightens the space and makes an immediate statement.

8. Gradient Wall & Ceiling Panels Enhance a Minimal Office Design

Arktura Vapor Gradients
“Backlit Reception Wall & Ceiling” Featuring: Vapor® Gradients by Arktura

In a minimal office reception design, a few exciting touches can make all the difference. Integrating Vapor® Gradients’ on the standard grid allows you to create a one-of-a-kind reception area that fades in and out and enhances a minimal design without distracting visitors and guests. 

9. Using Wall Panels as the Primary Light Source

Arktura Vapor Cumula
“UK Winslow Parking” Lexington, KY, Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects, Specialty Interiors of Ohio, Featuring: Vapor® Cumula by Arktura

To really wow employees and clients alike, use backlit wall panels as a primary light source. Vapor® Cumula backlit wall panels can also be integrated with a Soft Sound® backer to increase acoustic comfort.

10. Creating a Multi-Colored Display

Arktura Vapor Custom
“Capital One” New York, NY, TPG Architecture, Empire Architectural Metal and Glass Corp., ©Veronica Bean (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Custom by Arktura

While the Vapor® product line offers a wide array of options to choose from, if you don’t find one that perfectly suits your office’s needs, you can design a custom pattern of your own. In this custom design, perforated panels are backed with integrated multi-colored RGB LED lights to create a bright and exciting space.

11. A More Stylized Lighting Approach

Arktura Vapor Element
“Computer Lab” Featuring: Vapor® Element by Arktura

Evenly spaced, uniform holes make this Vapor® Element the right choice for a clean look. Integrated light bars, through Arktura InLine option, transform the look into a stylized way to elevate the space.

12. A Marriage of Acoustic Performance and Lighting

Arktura VaporSoft Cora backlit with frosted acrylic backer.
“Backlit Acoustic Feature Wall” Featuring: VaporSoft® Cora by Arktura 

It’s typical to sacrifice backlighting for acoustic performance. That’s not the case with our VaporSoft® lineup; available in 3 unique styles. While other systems are limited to acoustic backers, these designs incorporate sound attenuating Soft Sound® facing. Pair this with Arktura Backlighting to combine noise reduction with illumination or dynamic ambient lighting effects. Cora’s geometric diamonds, shown here, add an angular, eye-catching pattern to offices, lobbies, libraries, and more.

Elevate Your Office With Backlit Wall Panels

Backlit wall panels are a practical and decorative way to enhance the style of your office design. Soft Sound® backing can also serve to reduce noise and create a more comfortable work environment.

To begin creating your perfect backlit wall panels, contact Arktura today.

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