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Dress Up Your Building With Exterior Metal Wall Panels

February 16, 2021
Tesla Showroom Featuring Solution Studios by Arktura

For a truly unique building exterior, try integrating exterior metal wall panels into your design. Exterior metal wall panels customized in tandem with Arktura’s adaptive solutions, proprietary technology, and skilled project managers are the ideal way to dress up your building and make a statement.

The resources and materials that are available today support unlimited creativity — and exterior metal wall panels, specifically, give you the flexibility to create nearly any design imaginable.

Arktura’s will work with you to design exterior metal cladding panels to meet your design specifications, through the guidance of an Arktura Project Manager committed to each Solutions Studio and Architectural Project that is induced to their team.

Building interiors get a lot of attention, but the exterior of a building shapes the identity of your space and makes a statement before anyone steps foot inside. 

Arktura designs and fabricates exterior cladding panels that will dress up your building by combining form and function in unique and innovative ways. Below we will spotlight three categories of exterior cladding solutions, each able to be customized to the specific needs of your exterior application. 

Graphic Perf®

Our Graphic Perf® system offers two distinct choices: Graphic Perf® Scripted and Graphic Perf® Custom Photoreal Exterior. Depending on the needs of your application, you can choose to include custom graphics, unique designs, integrated lighting and stunning colors to your exterior metal cladding panels

Graphic Perf® Scripted

Graphic Perf® Scripted is an innovative tool for drawing in metal. This application of Graphic Perf leverages proprietary tools to develop unique parametric patterning systems and translate these to exterior metal wall cladding. Our team is here to guide you through the process, and make your vision a reality. We can start with something as simple as a sketch or inspiration image. The ability to execute any design will help you shape the unique identity of your space.

Add Dynamic Dimension

Exterior Metal Wall Panels - Arktura Graphic Perf® Scripted screens

©Halkin Mason Photography (Photographer), Featuring: Graphic Perf® Scripted by Arktura


The versatility of Graphic Perf® Scripted gives you the flexibility to add dimension to your project. When you work with our project managers, you can achieve dynamic dimensional surfaces that allow you to meet the needs of your space as well as your design objectives.

Make a Bold Statement With Color

Arktura Graphic Perf Scripted

©Halkin Mason Photography (Photographer), Featuring: Graphic Perf® Scripted by Arktura


Graphic Perf® Scripted’s powder-coated premium aluminum panels are available in a variety of colors. You can make a bold statement by choosing colors that complement the building’s design or the company’s branding. 

Make a Memorable Entrance 

Arktura Graphic Perf Scripted - Exterior Metal Wall Panels

©Halkin Mason Photography (Photographer), Featuring: Graphic Perf® Scripted by Arktura


For areas where visual impact is necessary, lighting can be integrated with this system, further blending form and function. Make an entrance memorable with custom designs and complementary lighting.

Graphic Perf® Custom Photoreal Exterior

For the ultimate in customization for branding and communication, Graphic Perf® Photoreal allows you to transfer an image or graphic into stunning exterior metal wall cladding.

Custom Graphics

Arktura Graphic Perf® Photoreal Exterior for SECTA

“Sect Academy” Featuring: Graphic Perf® Photoreal by Arktura 


Our Graphic Perf® Photoreal product uses proprietary software tools that will convert your image into a pattern of holes. These holes are sized and distributed in a way that reproduces the exact gradations of light and dark, transferring your image into the exterior metal wall panels. This product leverages exterior space to reinforce your company’s branding in a unique and memorable way.

Integrated Lighting

Arktura Graphic Per Photoreal - Exterior Metal Wall Panels With Lighting

“Epiphany” Featuring: Graphic Perf® Photoreal by Arktura


When it’s time to install the exterior metal wall panels, consider adding integrated lighting to enhance the design. Illuminating your custom image ensures that it makes a bold aesthetic statement, and the kit of parts assembly and install manual allows installers to execute your design with confidence and ease. 

Graphic Perf® Photoreal is designed to support integrated lighting options by Arktura or by a third party, so you can choose what works best for your individual application.

Secare® Panels

Unique and modern, Secare® panels are assembled from precision-cut tubes that can be either round or square. These panels create an unforgettable exterior statement.

Visual Impact

Arktura Secare® at UNLV

“UNLV” Las Vegas, Nevada, Featuring: Secare® by Arktura


The visual impact of Secare® panels is due, in large part, to the luxurious aesthetic of brushed stainless steel. It is also available in a variety of powder-coated options that allow you to fully customize this incredibly stunning exterior metal wall cladding system. 

A Modern Three-Dimensional Design

Arktura Secare® at Tendergreens

“UNLV” Las Vegas, Nevada, Featuring Secare® by Arktura


As a result, Secare® panels respond dynamically to the needs of your space, creating a modern three-dimensional exterior wall cladding system. Each Secare system is custom-designed to meet the design needs of your exterior envelope project and is composed in tandem with an Arktura project manager to ensure the modules meet the required seamless exterior design intent.

Solutions Studio®

Tesla Showroom Featuring Solution Studios by Arktura

“Tesla Showroom” Santa Monica, CA, Folonis Architecture, Featuring Solutions Studio by Arktura


For a truly one-of-a-kind design, our Solutions Studio® project managers will partner with you to achieve your vision. Combining creativity, expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology, we will work with you to bring your vision to life with our customized approach that infuses advanced technologies into your project.

Our process encompasses design consultation, facilitation, execution and installation. You’ll walk through the process from beginning to end with our project managers, all of whom have backgrounds in architecture and engineering. We’ll nourish your creativity to enhance your design intent.

Design the Perfect Exterior Metal Wall Panels

From quoting your project to capturing all of the details in our shop drawings and providing a simple kit of parts with accompanying installation manuals for final installation, Arktura’s team will be with you every step of the way. Explore more of our stunning exterior metal wall panels and commit your project to a seamless process.

Or contact us today to get started designing the best exterior for your next project.

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