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Design Inspiration

16 Luxury Hospitality Inspirations for Your Next Project

April 19, 2023

When the hospitality industry bounced back after the pandemic, it had to adjust to a new landscape. Potential guests are looking for more personalized experiences, to feel at home, yet transported to a luxurious paradise. These reinvented spaces had to serve multiple purposes to serve a variety of guests. While the hospitality industry came out of the pandemic stronger than ever, it did have to adapt to a new normal.  

As a new wave of hotels, resorts, and spas thrive with a more integrative approaches to wellness, its paramount to explore options to redesign the customer experience. Elevate spaces in 2023 and beyond with biophilic design bringing a slice of nature to indoor spaces, creating a more productive and relaxed atmosphere to more community-focused common areas that are designed to bring people together.

To cover the latest hospitality industry trends, from vivid pops of color to experimental lighting, the inspirational designs below are sure to leaving a lasting impression with soon to be returning guests. 

1. Provide a Singular Aesthetic Statement and Atmosphere from Above

“Hotel Bar and Lounge” Featuring: Trace® Straight by Arktura

If lobbies are a hotel’s best chance for a great first impression, then give guests something to talk about with Trace® Straight’s linear design weaving across a ceiling. Common areas such as hotel lounges or reception areas can take their aesthetics to the next level with the line art-like pattern of these panels with optional backlighting accessories.  

2. Complete a Stunning Setup with Abstract Hanging Baffles

“W Philadelphia” Philadelphia, PA, Design Studio Ltd (Architect), Featuring: Atmosphera® Lotus by Arktura

There’s no reason why your space’s decor needs to end at the walls and floor, take your design to the fifth wall with Atmosphera® Lotus. These steel fins fan out in an organic flow, while the open nature of the modules allows for existing third-party lighting to hang below.    

3. Bring One-Note Walls to Life with Attractive Paneling

Perforated Wall Panels
GoldTex Lobby” Philadelphia, PA, Post Brothers (Architect), Featuring: Vapor® Cluster by Arktura

While solid color, like a plain white wall, makes for a sleek, minimalist look, it can sometimes miss the extra impact of a design element. The sporadic perforations of Vapor® Cluster panels work well on its own to bring new energy to feature wall design 

4. Make a Big First Impression with Illuminated Wall Panels

Arktura Graphic Perf® Standard Frequency installed in office lobby.
“Illuminated Reception Area” Featuring: Vapor® Frequency by Arktura

Light up your guest’s expectations with the trail-like perforated pattern of Vapor® Frequency. These powder-coated aluminum torsion spring panels are easy to install thanks to Arktura’s Vertika® wall channel system and can be further customized with optional LED backlight panels 

5. Experiment with Seating Design for Enhanced Visual and Functional Appeal

“VRBO” Austin, TX, Rios Clementi Hale Studios – DT (Architect), Featuring: Solutions Studio® by Arktura

Encourage collaboration in the workplace and foster open communication with unconventional, eccentric seating arrangements. This custom designed acoustic baffle wall delineates space while also providing much needed noise coverage to this work area.  

6. Abandon Boring Walls for Something Extraordinary

“VRBO” Austin, TX, Rios Clementi Hale Studios – DT (Architect), Featuring: Solutions Studio® by Arktura

Between acoustic baffles, felt partitions, and rolling space dividers, there’s never been an easier way to define and separate space. Leave interior plain walls in the past thanks to the soft undulating motion of these custom designed acoustical baffles from Arktura’s Solutions Studio®.  

7. Establish Bold Aesthetics by Merging Wall and Ceiling Panels with Alternating Light

Arktura Vapor ShiftX
“Elevator Row” Featuring: Vapor® Shift X by Arktura  

Great design is more than a single visual cue, it should be able to grab hold of you like a fully immersive experience. Create this enveloping feeling for guests with this wraparound Vapor® Shift X aluminum torsion spring panel system. The seamless transition takes viewers on an abstract, geometric journey while additionally provides lighting to the space below.  

8. Extend Hallway Ceilings into a Tall Lobby with Lighted Paneling

Arktura Vapor Cora
“1201 West Lake” Chicago, IL, Eastlake Studio – CH (Architect), Featuring: Vapor® Cora by Arktura

Large open spaces can feel more inviting with the proper decorative architectural elements, such as this illuminated panel system bringing the high ceiling within reach. Vapor® Cora panels create a visual focal point while also bringing much needed lighting to this lobby space.  

9. Colorful Drop Panels Instantly Mystify Tall Lobbies

NRC vs STC Noise Reduction Coefficient Acoustic Ratings
“SoftGrid Flux Array” Featuring: SoftGrid® Flux by Arktura

While common areas are great for guests to congregate, socialize, and more, left unchecked these areas can produce an excess of noise, creating an unappealing setting for everyone. Add function and aesthetics all in one with SoftGrid® Flux acoustic ceiling clouds.  

10. Introduce a Calming Aura with Colored Ceiling Grids

This commercial space features various green plants, Arktura ceiling baffles and globe-style lighting.
“Duo-Tone Modules” Featuring: SoftGrid® Scale by Arktura

While more muted or toned-down color palettes might adorn the walls of your hotel or office, shouldn’t mean the same for the ceiling. Arktura’s collection of acoustic cloud systems, like SoftGrid® Scale, are available in a wide variety of Soft Sound® acoustic ceiling finishes 

11. Alternate Ceiling Module Height and Color for a Breathtaking Visual

This office space has red and black round baffles from Arktura.
“Mobile Business Center” Featuring: SoftGrid® Round by Arktura

Generate a sense of awe and wonderment by staggering the installation height of various acoustic cloud systems like the SoftGrid® Round modules above. Perfect for accentuating high-ceiling decor, this design choice can allow your space to feel more inviting and less vast.  

12. Harness Light from Above in Colorful, Inventive Ways

“W Fit Room” San Francisco, CA, SkyLab Architecture (Architects), Featuring: Solutions Studio® by Arktura

Infusing workouts with vibrant colors and energy shining from concentric rings housing color-changing LEDs. This custom, FIT Gym by Solutions Studio® is located inside the W Hotel in San Francisco looks equal part fitness center and colorful party space where you can dance the night away.  

13. Elevate Suspended Art Installations with Ceiling Gridwork

Ancora” West Vancouver, BC, SmartDesign Group (Architect), Featuring: SoftGrid® Skyline by Arktura

Aside from stunning looks and acoustic functionality, Arktura systems are field-trimmable, making them your installer’s best friend. These easy to install systems feature open air designs, perfect for pairing with existing lighting and suspended structures like this cable hung art installations.  

14. Transform Normal Ceilings into the Complex with Form-Fluid Grids

This commercial building features a large front desk, a staircase leading to the second floor, hardwood floors and Arktura ceiling baffles.  
“BMG Music” Los Angeles, CA, NxT Studio Design (Architect), Featuring: SoftGrid® Sine by Arktura

The artistic nature of Arktura’s acoustic ceiling systems allow them to become a creative extension to your building. Flat ceilings transform into abstract layouts thanks to the soft, undulating waves of the Soft Sound® acoustic dampening material. SoftGrid® Sine acoustic ceiling modules create waves that flow in multiple directions for a truly eye-catching pattern. 

15. Animate Bold Color Choices with Ceiling Trellises 

For radically colorful accent wall and ceiling paint options, pair with a more neutral finish ceiling system, like these SoftGrid® 48A acoustic system in a premium wood texture. These trellis systems recreate the look of a wood coffered ceiling without the weight of real wood.  

16. Utilize the Ceiling to Integrate Your Design and Colors

“Bird Meditation” Quarry Bay, HK, M Moser – Hong Kong (Architect), Featuring: VaporSoft® Custom by Arktura

With a colorful selection of steel and aluminum structures to choose from and a vast library of Soft Sound® acoustic finishes, it’s never been easier to incorporate a colorful addition to your decor. From branded finish tie-ins to our line of Duo finish products that feature two colorful finishes, match your Arktura system to your existing decor for a cohesive aesthetic.  

Bring a more holistic approach to your hospitality decor with Arktura! 

From acoustic ceiling systems to decorate wall panels and just about everything in between, Arktura has the right system to elevate your next project. Explore our capabilities to learn more and if your next system isn’t in our catalog, contact our Solutions Studio® team to bring your creative vision to life.  

Contact our team today to learn more about our hospitality capabilities and get inspired today!   

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