The visual interest of SoftGrid® is enhanced by our Soft Sound® acoustical material (100% PET plastic with up to 60% recycled content). Define your space and control acoustics at any scale with gridded layout configurations and the highly performative acoustic characteristics of Soft Sound®. We offer these elements in a range of preconfigured modules that ship flat-packed, and are all available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, including wood-grain textures. See our Soft Sound® brochure for more information.

Starting Price: $1,400 Per 7′-6″ x 7′-6″ Module – Color Group A (Download the Soft Sound® Color Brochure for more details)

*Discounts available based on project quantity. Contact your local sales representative for pricing.

*Patent Pending

*SoftGrid® – Skyline named an Architizer 2017 A+ Awards Finalist

Key Features

  • Preconfigured Solutions

    SoftGrid® products are preconfigured solutions designed with a dynamic array of criteria and effects. Choose from the many options in our library to uniquely impact your project.
  • Acoustical Systems

    The system’s 1/2” thick Soft Sound® fins provide an NRC rating up to .9, couple that with their gridded layout and you can achieve amazing acoustical performance across an entire space or simply over a desired zone.
  • Quick Ship Product

    When you purchase a preconfigured solution, we quickly deploy our manufacturing expertise and automated processes to meet your project deadline.
  • Open Versatility

    Our SoftGrid® ceilings are 95% open in plan to accommodate building systems and lighting. The SoftGrid® Family allows you to introduce new design elements into your space while helping to screen existing infrastructure from sight.
  • Performance & Sustainable Practices

    All of our SoftGrid® materials have a high proportion of recycled content and are fully recyclable.
  • Easy Installation

    We help eliminate the guesswork and reduce installation time and cost through our proven, step-by-step “kit of parts” approach. Our easy-to-follow installation instructions provide a clear path to success for your project.

Product Details

SoftGrid® Family

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