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9 Alternatives to Commercial Ceiling Tiles to Dramatically Enhance Your Office

February 15, 2022
8 Commercial Ceiling Tile Alternatives to Enhance Your Office

When you’re considering interior design changes for the office, it can be easy to overlook one of the most influential aspects of the space: the ceiling. The ceiling is all too often left as an untapped resource from a design point of view. 

Typical, mundane ceilings miss the opportunity to add depth, dimension and beauty to an office setting. Office spaces need to elicit a dynamic presence with a multi-dimensional design that inspires productivity and controls acoustics. Consider these nine ceiling tile alternatives to spruce up your office space:

1. Redefine the Classic Trellis

Ceiling Tile Alternatives - Redefine the Classic Trellis
“Elegant Bar Seating” Featuring: SoftSpan® 48 by Arktura

The classic trellis provides dimension with an open nature and an airy elegance. Adding depth with a new take on the classic trellis is easy with SoftSpan 48® or SoftSpan 24® by Arktura. When interconnected with SoundBar®, a dynamic ceiling layout with acoustic control becomes the main focus.

Ceiling Tile Alternatives
“Office Lounge” Featuring: SoftSpan® 48 A by Arktura

As ceiling tile alternatives, ceiling trellis options define specific areas of an office while accenting the height of the space. It’s a fascinating way to keep the room from looking overly busy while adding visual interest.

2. Acoustic Folded Ceiling Panels

Acoustic Folded Ceiling Panels
“ALUR Showroom” Chicago, IL, Featuring: SoftFold® by Arktura

Our SoftFold® and SoftSound® acoustic material offers sound control on a gorgeous level. These ceiling tile alternatives are meant to display a subtle variance between light and shadow while also dampening harsh echoes in the office. 

Commercial Ceiling Tile Alternatives
“Swinerton” Santa Ana, CA, Shimoda Design, Featuring: SoftFold® by Arktura

Acoustic folded ceiling panels are ideal for conference rooms, lobbies, waiting rooms and any space where bold design and acoustic control are required.

3. Organic-Inspired Ceiling Grids

Organic-Inspired Ceiling Grids
“Comcast” Atlanta, GA, Hendrick, Inc, Clear Sky Images (Photographer), Featuring: Atmosphera® Adaptive Pulse by Arktura

One of the best features of ceiling tile alternatives like the Atmosphera® Adaptive Pulse line is the open plan accessibility they offer. Integrating lighting or HVAC is simple, thanks to removable fins and the open structure of these grids.

Close-up image of Arktura’s Atmosphera Adaptive Pulse ceiling panels in white.
“2525 Main St.” Irvine, CA, IA – Interior Architects. Featuring: Atmosphera® Adaptive Pulse by Arktura

The panels of the our Atmosphera Adaptive Pulse line are interconnected and customizable, allowing office space ceilings to have as much or as little openness as needed. Optional SoftSound® inserts are available for sound control.

4. Uniquely-Shaped Baffles

Uniquely-Shaped Baffles
“Mead Johnson” Chicago, IL, Partners by Design, Tom Harris Architectural Photography Featuring: Atmosphera® Adaptive Analog 3D by Arktura

Using uniquely-shaped baffles creates an exciting, bold statement in the office with our Atmosphera® Adaptive Analog 3D. This approach allows designers to craft the ceiling’s flow, inspiring creativity and a soothing atmosphere primed for productivity. 

This space has blue and white chairs scattered across the open floor plan.
“Office Blues” Featuring: Atmosphera® Adaptive Versa 3D by Arktura

The fins for Analog 3D installations can be created from our SoftSound® material for acoustic control. Acoustic comfort in office spaces reduces distractions, boosts productivity and dissipates communication difficulties.

5. Staggered Baffles

Staggered Baffles
“Lumber Liquidators” Richmond, VA, Evolve Architecture, Adam N. Goldsmith Photography” Featuring: SoundBar® by Arktura

Using staggered baffles as ceiling tile alternatives gives depth, visual continuity and an intriguing landscape to office ceilings while blending acoustic and illumination solutions in a dynamic layout.

Acoustic Ceiling Design
“Acoustic Ceiling Design” Featuring: PET Felt by Arktura

SoundBar® allows designers an assortment of options for a unique office space with acoustical tuning. Interconnect SoundBar® and SoftSpan® systems for a striking acoustical work of ceiling art.

6. Perforated Metal 

Perforated Metal
“NBC Tower Metropolis” Chicago, IL, East Lake Studio – CH, Jared Powell (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Cluster by Arktura

Perforated metal produces an elegant ceiling space with an eye-catching display that is simple in concept yet extraordinary in design. We offer two levels of perforation density: Cluster Sparse and Cluster Dense, both of which are part of our new Vapor® Cluster collection.

Elegant ceiling space
“Bright Lounge” Featuring: Vapor® by Arktura

In all office spaces, using perforated metal suggests a gorgeous paradox of the impenetrable strength of steel coupled with breakthrough openings. Add an acoustic backer to achieve superior aesthetics with our Vapor® collection.

7. Angled Baffle Modules

Angled Baffle Modules
“Bookstore Lobby” Featuring: SoftGrid® Flux by Arktura

Angled baffle modules are a complex aesthetic within a simple design that can be used individually or in groups. The interweaving panel networks connect in a display that is anything but ordinary.

Ceiling Tile Alternatives
“Advanced Clinic” Chicago, IL, Box STUDIOS, JJ Jetel Photography, Featuring: SoftGrid® Flux by Arktura

Our SoftGrid® Flux collection is an exciting option for ceiling tile alternatives that are made of our SoftSound® material for acoustic comfort. 

8. Faceted Ceiling Modules

Faceted Ceiling Modules
“Vitol” Houston TX, PDR, Featuring: Solutions Studio® by Arktura

Presenting a fascinating display of shadows, angles and light, faceted ceiling modules can transform any open office space into an inviting, collaborative workspace. 

Ceiling Tile Alternatives
“Geometric Ceiling” Featuring: TriSoft® Dynamic by Arktura

With weave and angle modules across an office ceiling space, faceted ceiling modules can run wall-to-wall or in clusters. Faceted dimensionality never looked — or sounded — as good as it does with our TriSoft® Dynamic acoustic system. 

9. Examine Connectivity Between Trellis and Baffle

Examine Connectivity Between Trellis and Baffle
“High Ceiling Lobby” Featuring SoftSpan® & SoundBar® Connectivity by Arktura

Take advantage of the connectivity between trellis and baffle designs to unlock limitless possibilities. New attachment options allow our award-winning SoundBar® and SoftSpan® systems to be used together in stunning customizable displays.

Ceiling Tile Alternatives
“Wooden Trellis” Featuring: SoftSpan® & SoundBar® Connectivity by Arktura

Easily linked together, these two systems offer ultimate acoustic comfort and lighting performance with inspirational modularity at the heart of the design.

Find the Right Commercial Ceiling Tile Alternative with Arktura

Here at Arktura, we produce ceiling tile alternatives that enhance productivity in the office while emitting a calming influence, inspiring functionality and formality. Contact us today and take your office ceilings to the height of functional design with our modern ceiling tile alternatives.

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