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Arktura 2021 Year in Review

January 20, 2022

Despite global challenges, 2021 was a year filled with accomplishments for Arktura as we continued to grow and expand our capabilities with exciting new offerings. Last year saw the launch of several new paramount products and as well as upgrades to existing flagship lines. It also saw several Arktura products and projects take home awards for their excellence in design and performance from the architectural industry. With so many exciting new launches and accolades, it can be hard to keep up with them all. See some of our 2021 highlights below. 

SoftSpan® Expansion

SoftSpan®, our line of versatile acoustic open cell ceiling baffle system that brings the grand look of a coffered ceiling or timber trellises in an accessible system, received a refresh with new accessories and connectivity. True NRC®  Acoustic Rated Lighting panels for SoftSpan® 48 and 48A can illuminate spaces while further controlling the impact of noise. Offered in a vast library of color options, as well as organic texture and color Soft Sound® Color Group A or Premium Wood Texture options, to recreate the look of timber trellises and wooden beams and give your space a biophilic touch.  SoftSpan® models, 24, 48, and 48A are now compatible with SoundBar® modules for additional acoustic connectivity. 

SoundBar® Innovations  

SoundBar® linear acoustic baffles with optional integrated lighting saw several updates, making them more versatile and cost-effective solution than ever. This includes new attachment methods, expanding from cable hung to also include all thread, strut mount, grid mount, and direct mount across walls or ceilings. New end caps options, made of our acoustically tuned Soft Sound® material now also allow for a consistent aesthetic running throughout. Non-illuminated designs transitioned to 100% flat pack shipping and assembly for all modules, creating savings in freight emissions. We also introduced seamless connectivity between two of our most popular acoustic ceiling products with updates to SoundBar® and the grid system of SoftSpan®. This update raised the bar for connectivity as these two award-winning lines can now be easily attached using a new joiner block, allowing a new level of design possibilities.  

Vapor® Biophilic  

2021 refreshed some of Arktura’s most popular lines, including the Vapor® collection of architectural wall & ceiling panels. The first expansion was a pair of biophilic influenced designs with the introduction of Bloom and Breeze. Inspired by the organic patterns of the natural world, these new expansions bring versatility and breath of fresh air to our award-winning Vapor® collection. Speaking of award recognition, these new abstract ceiling designs earned a 2021 Architectural Record Product Award win.   

VaporHue – The Pinnacle of Printed & Perforated Panels

Blending the beauty of printed wallpapers with the performance of perforated architectural metal panels, Arktura’s VaporHue™ panels bring new life to any project. Torsion spring wall and architectural ceiling system panels bring a new layer of depth to your space, launching with five dynamic patterns: Astra, Flora, Link, Stitch, and Pop. These can be customized further through our wide array of color and finish options. Put the ultimate final touches on these high-performance panels with Soft Sound®  acoustic ceiling panel backers to decrease the impact of noise and enhance comfort, as well as Arktura InLine and Backlighting luminary options to create a multitude of lighting effects.  

Vapor Expansion Brings 5 Dynamic Designs 

Next up, the Vapor® line of prefabricated interior wall panels were further updated with five new designs: Verve, Bond, Element 3428, Transit, and Solid. These unique looks further the line’s emotionally textural depth and utility by expanding on the patterns introduced with VaporHue™, in a non-printed form factor. The various patterns bring their distinctive touch to the Vapor® line full of movement and life. As with all Vapor® products, they are easy to install on walls and ceilings with access to crucial HVAC systems. Further customize your project with optional lighting and acoustic backers, bringing form and function to your next project.   

Atmosphera® Versa + Versa 3D 

Arktura’s ever-expanding innovative line of acoustic fin baffles reached new heights with the addition of the Versa and Versa 3D ceiling tile patterns. Both lines offer easy-to-install, standard T-Grid wrapped in acoustic Soft Sound® material as a foundational structure. Versa brings a linear aesthetic that flows across your sightline, while Versa 3D brings undulating waves of motion. Customize your baffles to set the rhythm by altering the fin depth, placement, and finish choosing from an expanding range of Soft Sound® acoustic colors or wood textures.  

SoftGrid® Max 

The SoftGrid® line of ceiling grid panels received a refresh, focusing on value, sustainability, and performance with SoftGrid® Max. These larger 9′ x 9′ modules result in less production waste, reducing the overall impact on our shared environment. These ceiling grid system extensions are available in nine of Akrtura’s SoftGrid® designs: Dome, Round, Scale, Sine, Skyline, Slope, Square, Switch, and Wave.   

Torsion Spring Adapter Clip 

Perfect for retrofits and new builds, Arktura released an upgraded Torsion Spring Adapter – Accessory Kit. This new kit allows existing T-Grid systems to accept panels designed for a torsion grid. Available and compatible with Arktura’s most in-demand products, including Vapor®, VaporSoft®, Particle™, and Trace®.   


These new systems did not go unnoticed, garnering accolades from the Architectural Community in 2021. The product and project awards below speak to Arktura’s commitment to collaboration with stakeholders, architects, designers, specifiers, and installers. We remain committed to innovation in Product Development and through our Solutions Studio®.   


  • AIA San Fernando Valley Award – Tesla Flagship Store  
  • Architizer A+ Awards 2021 – Architecture + Collaboration Special Mention   
  • CISCA 2021 Construction Excellence Award – Contractor/Office Above 50,000 sq ft – West – Fox Technology Center (Vapor® Cluster + SoftGrid® Switch)  
  • Architectural Record Magazine’s 2021 Record Products Award – Ceiling and Wall Coverings – SoftSpan® Best in Category  
  • Architectural Record Magazine’s 2021 Record Products Award – Ceiling and Wall Coverings – Vapor® Bio Expansion Winner  

 Interested in learning more about how the products featured here or any of our great systems can play a role in enhancing your next project? Our global network of reps is here to help guide you in finding the perfect solution to achieve your design vision and performance needs. 


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