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Arktura Introduces SoftGrid® Max – A Value and Sustainability Driven Line Expansion

January 25, 2021

Arktura is proud to introduce SoftGrid® Max, a value and sustainability focused expansion of our flagship SoftGrid® acoustical baffle system line. These 9’x9′ versions of Arktura’s existing SoftGrid® modulemaximize yield from Arktura’s Soft Sound® material without compromising aesthetics, accessibility, or budget. The value and sustainability-focused modules result in less production waste, reducing the product’s overall impact on the environment. And in line with Arktura’s core values, these savings are being passed on directly to the client. All SoftGrid® Max designs are available for purchase now through Arktura’s expanding global network of reps. 

SoftGrid® Max introduces extensions to nine of Arktura’s SoftGrid® Acoustic Baffle designs – Dome, Round, Scale, Sine, Skyline, Slope, Square (adding 2 new Max variants), Switch, and Wave. These expansions add variant options in the openness in plan and size offerings for each design, extending each space’s possibilities. Like all SoftGrid® products, SoftGrid® Max modules’ uses high-performance, fully recyclable, sound-absorbing Soft Sound® PET material. Soft Sound® material is Class A fire-rated and is rated by Arktura’s True NRC up to 0.90 depending on module design. It is available in a wide range of colors and wood textures, with available custom finishing, to make creative opportunities virtually endless. 

Pictured: SoftGrid® Scale and SoftGrid® Scale Max by Arktura

Visit our SoftGrid® line and product pages to learn more and browse all designs now. 

 *all dimensions nominal 

Visit the SoftGrid® Line Page 

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