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Arktura Brings Home Double Honors at This Year’s CISCA’s Construction Excellence Awards

April 6, 2022

Arktura is proud to take home a DUO of honors for innovative and ambitious projects, presented during this week’s CISCA (Ceilings and Interior Systems Construction Association) Construction Excellence Awards Dinner in Texas.  

CISCA, the leading authority in interior construction, acoustical ceilings, and acoustical treatment, hosts the annual ceremony to honor the best in architectural design with entries from across the industry.

The awards were reviewed and judged by a panel of industry representatives based on written entry statements, completed project images, and technical aspects. These award-winning projects will be featured in the Acoustical Interior Construction magazine and on CISCA’s website. 

The dual award wins came from two distinct architectural projects that showcase the full range of Arktura’s standard product capabilities. On a more concise scale, IntelliCentrics won top honors for “Manufacturer – Healthcare (Below 50,000 SF) West.” Featuring Graphic Perf® and Vapor Cluster® panels installed and featured heavily throughout the main lobby of the building. The movement-filled pattern of the acoustic ceiling baffles, Atmosphera Swell®, hangs prominently over the coffee bar area and training center. 

Later in the evening, Neustar won “Manufacturer – Office (Above 50,000 SF) East.” This massive enterprise spanned 90,000 SF and utilized three Arktura systems, SoundEdge® and TriSoft®, for acoustics and an eye-catching Vapor® Pixel torsion spring panel system, with Arktura Backlighting providing illumination. The final result features three floors of Arktura systems with a central staircase that bridges the various levels of design.  

These wins encapsulate the hard work, dedication, and creativity of Arktura’s multi-faceted team. Combining visually striking aesthetics, innovative technology, and top-of-the-line sound attenuation to create these award-winning projects, displaying the best of what Arktura can be.


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