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VaporHue™ and SoftSpan® Showcased in Interior Design’s Best of Year 2021 Awards

September 28, 2021

2021 Best of Year Awards public voting is now closed. Thanks to all who voted and shared the news. Stay tuned as we await results!

Interior Design’s Best of Year is the design industry’s premiere design awards program, honoring the most significant work of the year as well as recognizing designers, architects, and manufacturers from around the globe. Arktura, a previous BOY winner, is proud to be showcased in two distinct product categories this year, with VaporHue™ in Materials, Treatments and Surfaces, and SoftSpan® in Acoustical Applications.


Our recently introduced VaporHue™ is an innovative line of torsion spring wall and ceiling panels that blends printed and perforated patterning to bring a new layer of depth and emotion to projects. It combines the beauty of wallpapers and the performance of perforated metal panels to enhance aesthetics and functionality like never before. Integrated accessory options include high-performance Soft Sound® backers, to decrease the impact of noise and enhance comfort, and Arktura InLine and Backlighting, to illuminate spaces and create a multitude of lighting effects.

Pictured: VaporHue™ Astra

Pictured: VaporHue™ Stitch




SoftSpan® meanwhile is a highly versatile, innovative acoustic baffle system that delivers the look of coffered ceilings or large timber trellises without the weight, all while reducing the impact of noise across any interior space. Constructed from our high-performance PET Soft Sound® acoustical material, Softspan® is available in various colors and finishes to fit any design vision. Choose from a library of options to find a match to complement and enhance your space, including a lineup of Soft Sound® Wood Textures to replicate the character and warmth of timber ceiling trellises.

Pictured: SoftSpan® 48A

Pictured: SoftSpan® 24

Since its launch, SoftSpan® has offered versatility through options including perimeter beams and coffer infills. However, its versatility is set to further expand with the upcoming introduction of connectivity with our SoundBar® linear acoustic baffles and integrated lighting options, opening up a multitude of possibilities for design, acoustic performance, and illumination.

Pictured: SoftSpan® 48A with SoundBar®

Learn More About the Products Here:

VaporHue™ Printed & Perforated Panels

SoftSpan® Acoustic Trellis & Coffer System

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