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Product Design

What Are the Most Effective Combined Acoustic and Illumination Products in Commercial Ceilings?

August 31, 2021
Most Effective Acoustic & Illumination Commercial Ceilings Products

Proper ceiling design is essential. Why? 

  • It has to manage acoustics. 
  • It has to light the space. 
  • It has to allow access to electrical, HVAC and infrastructure systems. 
  • It has to be beautiful. 

A ceiling must manage all four of these functions for a space to be considered impressive design. And who wants to be known for just average design? 

So, if you want impressive design, you need a great ceiling. But how can you get both acoustic comfort AND essential lighting at the same time in a way that enhances the space’s aesthetics? 

Today, there are several innovative and creative ways to combine both acoustic and lighting that will enhance the design and functionality of any space, making your name stand out as someone who doesn’t settle for just okay.

5 Unique Ways of Integrating Lighting With Acoustic Ceiling Solutions

Each of these systems can be integrated in a variety of beautifully efficient ways. None can claim these designs settled for average.

1. Linear Lights in Baffles or Panels

Combine acoustic comfort and illumination with an innovative ceiling design. It’s easy with the right ceiling baffles and dimensional panels. The right product offers a streamlined approach to design that’s easy to install and provides all the benefits an open space could need.

SoundBar®: Suspend Disbelief With an All-in-One Solution

Linear Lights in Baffles or Panels
“InComm” Atlanta, GA, Hendrick, Inc., Featuring: SoundBar® by Arktura

The SoundBar® acoustic ceiling baffle system is a sleek solution that allows you to hide cords by integrating the power into its suspension cable. This simplifies the installation process by providing a two-for-one system. This system is available in a wide range of colors, including wood textures, and lengths, widths and depths that let you achieve an endless array of dynamic layouts. 

Vapor® Gradients: Play With Shapes and Angles

Vapor Gradients: Play With Shapes and Angles
“Subway Station” Featuring: Vapor® Gradients by Arktura

Powder-coated aluminum torsion spring panels meet their perfect match with integrated lighting. The flexibility of Vapor® Gradients lets you think outside the box, playing with shapes and angles in an interesting and dynamic way to design one-of-a-kind layouts. Acoustic backing available in a variety of colors helps to control sound while lighting can be added in stimulating, geometric lines between panels, adding another visual element to the ceiling.

2. Lights, Waves and Open Spaces

Atmosphera® Surf: Soothing Oceans

Lights, Waves and Open Spaces
“Lecture Space” Featuring: Atmosphera® Surf by Arktura

How often do you see an ocean recreated on a ceiling? Reminiscent of the undulation of soothing waves, Atmosphera® Surf’s Soft Sound® fins can be paired with any type of lighting installed between the curved baffle ceiling panels, providing soothing illumination for a space. In a large room, this combination calms and inspires, making it especially beneficial for educational spaces.

Atmosphera® Swell: Billowing Clouds

Arktura Atmosphera® Standard Swell
“BioMed Center New England” Providence, RI, DBVW Architects, Heidi Gumula (Photographer), Featuring: Atmosphera® Swell by Arktura

This ceiling scape is reminiscent of billowing clouds, providing the feel of the outdoors and nature in the break room. Give employees a calming, quieting break when you pair the smooth, sound-absorbing forms of Atmosphera® Swell’s Soft Sound® fins with the perfect lighting in-between the baffles.

3. Don’t Settle for Bland

Custom designs require custom solutions, and sometimes one or two products just don’t fit the bill. For these situations, you need to think outside the box, such as layering solutions. Decorative acoustic ceiling tiles can be paired with the right lighting to create an innovative design that stands out in the best ways.

Vapor® Graphic Perf®: The Only Limit Is Your Imagination

Vapor® Graphic Perf®: The Only Limit Is Your Imagination
“KPMG” Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, Number TEN Architectural Group, Featuring: Vapor® Graphic Perf® by Arktura

When you want to create a limitless canvas of custom imagery, Vapor® Graphic Perf® will surpass your wildest expectations. It is compatible with our Vertika® wall channel and standard grid systems, so it can be installed on the ceiling or as a wall panel — or it can seamlessly transition between the two. 

Where acoustic comfort is needed, Soft Sound® acoustic backer panels help to control sound while the metal torsion spring panels reveal any design you can imagine. Backlighting can also be integrated to highlight designs created in the panels with Arktura’s proprietary, algorithmic software and manufacturing expertise.

Delta Drop® 2×4: Not Your Standard Geometry

Suspended Ceiling System
“Securian St. Paul” St. Paul, MN, BWBR Architects – MN, Brandon Stengel (Photographer), Featuring: Delta Drop® by Arktura

The stunning dimensional geometry of Delta Drop® 2×4 soars to new heights when you integrate backlighting and a Soft Sound® acoustic backer. This versatile system uses quick torsion spring attachment across standard ceiling grid systems, making installation quick and efficient. You can also add dimension, illumination and acoustic performance to walls using our Vertika® channel that makes wall attachment simple.

4. The Best of Both Worlds

Acoustic panels are effective in mitigating distractions from everyday noise while looking beautiful and elegant. Integrating backlighting into the acoustic product is an incredibly efficient way to illuminate the space and manage the acoustics — all while elevating your design to new heights.

VaporSoft® Trail: Blaze Your Own Trail

VaporSoft® Trail: Blaze Your Own Trail
“Calming Open Office Space” Featuring: Vapor® Soft Trail by Arktura

VaporSoft® Trail is manufactured with Soft Sound® acoustic material, making it an all-in-one acoustic product that will help manage sound while enhancing the design. Add backlighting to the linear design of multi-sized circles to reveal a dynamic design that blazes its own trail and inspires innovation.

Vapor® Soft Trail by Arktura
“CMM – HQ2” Woodland Hills, CA, ENV, Costea Photo (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Soft Trail by Arktura

Another advantage to using acoustic products with integrated backlighting is their versatility and ability to blend into a design. They are able to be trimmed in the field to accommodate any design element, such as the light fixture pictured above. The Soft Sound® material is just another pleasing design touch.

5. Mix & Match for Perfection

Sometimes a design calls for the use of existing lighting, or an owner fell in love with a very specific lighting fixture. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get great acoustics. Acoustic panels from Arktura can be used in conjunction with third-party lighting, both new and existing, to create the perfect design.

SoundBar®: A Three Dimensional Visual Canvas

SoundBar®: A Three Dimensional Visual Canvas
“Lumber Liquidators” Richmond, VA, Evolve Architecture, Adam N. Goldsmith Photography, Featuring: SoundBar® by Arktura

Some designs call for a mix of acoustic products and other elements. For example, in this design, the third-party custom lighting mimics the look of the two-tone SoundBar® acoustic baffles and incorporates additional lighting to create acoustic support and illumination. It creates a beautiful design utilizing hanging acoustic ceiling panels that reduce noise and brightens the room.

SoundAngle®: A Conversation on Adaptation

SoundAngle®: A Conversation on Adaptation
“Madison Marquette” Washington, DC, Perkins + Will, Eric Laignel (Photographer), Featuring: SoundAngle® by Arktura

The SoundAngle® ceiling system offers V-shaped baffles that scale to your space. Their adaptability means you can configure them in a variety of ways to adapt to existing structural elements, including lighting. This gives you the option to keep existing lighting or to integrate new lighting depending on where you are in the design process.

TriSoft® Dynamic: Dynamic Dimension

TriSoft® Dynamic: Dynamic Dimension
“Large Studio Apartment” Featuring: TriSoft® Dynamic by Arktura

TriSoft® Dynamic is exactly that — dynamic. Adding visual interest to a space is easy with the quiet elegance of these triangular faceted pyramid faces supported by a metal substructure that makes it easy to integrate lighting where you need it. Made from Soft Sound® acoustic material and available in a variety of colors, enjoy the flexibility to create complex and undulating layouts that add dimension to any design.

Blend Form and Function With Arktura

Design is multi-faceted, and with Arktura, the task of blending form and function has never been easier. We offer dynamic and versatile solutions that complete any design, and you’ll find the perfect combination of acoustic and illumination products to meet the unique needs of your space. Don’t settle for average; reach for brilliant. 

Contact an expert at Arktura today to bring your vision to life!

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