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Design Inspiration

11 Unique Styles of Architectural Interior Wall Panels

September 14, 2023
Arktura Solution Studio perforated panel in Apache

Architectural interior wall panels have become integral to commercial design, offering functionality and aesthetic appeal. These decorative panels not only enhance the visual appeal of a space but also serve practical purposes such as reducing noise with acoustics or creating a unique ambiance.

Walls are essential to any space and are crucial to functionality and aesthetics. What better way to add character and elegance to your walls than by installing unique and creative wall panels? From modern and chic to rustic and charming, decorative wall panels or functional, there are endless styles to choose from.

These versatile and stylish options are perfect for bringing a touch of sophistication and style to any environment. Whether you’re looking to create a central focal point with perforated panels or looking for creative ways to mitigate sound, wall systems are as versatile as your space. Here are some of our top picks for commercial wall panel ideas:

Coordinating Wall and Ceiling Panels

VaporSoft - Cluster Sparse, with Soft Sound® Wood Oak

Photo render courtesy of Arktura.

For an immersive experience, match your wall and ceiling panels to envelop guests in the Arktura aesthetic. These VaporSoft® Cluster panels present a unique pattern of perforated cutouts, made from our Soft Sound® material to provide acoustic support.

Custom Solutions Studio Acoustic Wall

“Geodis” Brentwood, TN, Gresham Smith and Partners. Photo by Robbins Photography, Inc.

For the ultimate tailored touch on your next project, look to the design experts at Solutions Studio. Our team brings your vision to reality by crafting personalized works of art that blend aesthetics and function. This customized wall installation is based on modified SoftGrid® modules installed vertically.

Illuminated Walls

“Absci” Portland, OR, Bora Architects. Photo by Josh Partee – Architectural Photographer.

Arktura develops eye-catching, creative patterns that blend the line between art and architecture. Perforated panels feature precision cutouts that are further amplified when paired with our optional backlighting. These Vapor® Trail panels’ design of larger circles tapering off creates a trail you’ll want to follow, especially when illuminated with our integrated lighting backer.

Dazzling First Impressions

“Gatestone” Montreal, CA, Sensyst. Photo by Mutual Friends, Inc.

Front desk and reception areas are your chance to make a great first impression on guests. Metal finish wall panels bring an industrial-chic vibe to commercial spaces. Our Vapor® collection includes a vast library of pattern options to give a unique architectural touch to your space.

With options like brushed aluminum with powder-coated finishes available, these sleek and modern-looking panels can create a bold statement while maintaining durability and easy maintenance.

Concentrated Acoustics

“Cozen O´Connor” New York, NY, TPG Architecture. Photo by Veronica Bean Photography.

Sometimes the more cost-effective option is concentrated acoustic installation in loud or busy areas. These Soft Screen® Groove acoustic wall panels can be customized to blend seamlessly with the interior design while providing excellent acoustic performance.

Larger Scale Acoustic Application

“Cozen O´Connor” New York, NY, TPG Architecture. Photo by Veronica Bean Photography.

Commercial spaces often require effective sound management to ensure optimal productivity and customer experience. These Soft Screen® Groove decorative acoustic wall panels are designed specifically to absorb sound waves and reduce noise levels within a room.

Sliding/Moving Acoustic SoftScreens

“GrubHub” Philadelphia, PA, Shive Hattery. Photo by James John Jetel, Inc.

Moving acoustic partition screens provide privacy, acoustics, and, most of all, convenience. These sound attenuating acoustic SoftScreen® Frequency panels are there when you need them and out of the way when you don’t. Choose from Hanging Bracket, Cable Hung, Sliding Track, and Direct mounting methods to fit the needs of your space. No matter how they are mounted, you’ll get targeted sound control where you need it thanks to their Soft Sound®️ material.

Divide Space while Remaining Open

“Ajinomoto HQ” Itasca, IL, Shive Hattery. Photo by AJ Brown Imaging LLC.

Sometimes, you need to delineate or divide an area without closing it off from the larger space around it. The linear design of SoftScreen® Trace features interconnected threads that offer you the best of both worlds. Full and half-pattern panels provide flexibility in acoustic performance and peace of mind.

Branded Wall Experience

“Kirkland Ranch” Wesley Chapel, FL, Cannon Design. Photo by Christopher Barrett Photography.

Arktura’s Solutions Studio creates design magic with their customized Graphic Perf® system. This dedicated team can bring an image or unique pattern to life in perforated metal paneling, creating the ultimate tailored touch. Elevate your next project with branded decorative wall paneling system that turns your company into part of the design.

Mix Faceted and Flat for Textured Balance

“Goosehead Insurance” Westlake, TX, Rees Associates. Photo by Kendall Stoy Photography.

For those seeking a more contemporary and visually striking option, textured 3D metal wall panels, like the Delta Drop® panels above, offer an exciting range of possibilities. These panels feature intricate patterns or geometric designs that add depth and dimension to an otherwise flat surface. From solid to half pattern, to fully perforated, these textured panels can transform ordinary walls into captivating focal points.

Seamless Wall to Ceiling Custom Fixture

“Amicus Therapeutics” Philadelphia, PA, CRB. Photo by Connie Zhou.

Our Solutions Studio team isn’t just for custom metal designs; they also create immersive acoustic installations. For the offices of Amicus Therapeutics, we designed a seamless wall-to-ceiling solution that showcases a distinct and unique focal point. This impressive structure is made of our Soft Sound® acoustic material to help minimize excess noise and create a more productive working environment for employees.

Elevating the Way We See Walls

Architectural interior wall panels offer a wide range of options to elevate the design of commercial spaces. From wood texture panels that exude warmth and sophistication to acoustic panels that enhance sound quality, these decorative elements serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Whether you’re aiming for a traditional or contemporary look, incorporating unique wall panel styles can transform ordinary walls into stunning focal points in any commercial project.

Contact us today to see how our extensive line of acoustic and metal screens systems can meet your specific needs and provide the perfect decorative touch for your next project.





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