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Design Inspiration

8 Backer and Accessory Options to Inspire Your Next Commercial Project

May 10, 2023
VaporSoft - Cora, White with Heather Grey Soft Sound® Backer Wall, Backlit Ceiling, Closeup

If a plain wall or ceiling is a blank canvas, then the architectural systems from Arktura are the broad paint strokes that make up a larger work of art and architecture. If Arktura systems make up a painting, the additional backers, and accessories available make up the fine details that turn a project into a masterpiece.  

Whether you are outfitting an office space with clusters of acoustic ceiling clouds, installing illuminated ceiling panels throughout an apartment lobby, or a perforated wall panel on a building’s exterior for an artistic perforated façade system, Arktura offers additional accessories to take your project to the next level.  

Optional accessories include backers or infills made of acoustic material integrated into certain products such as patterned perforated wall panels, architectural ceiling panels, and acoustic baffles. Aside from auditory benefits, there are some visual enhancements to brighten up your system, including various Arktura lighting options.  

Choosing which accessory works best for your upcoming project with so many options may appear overwhelming at first. To make these optional enhancements accessible, below is a handy guide on the various accessories Arktura offers, and which products and situations work best for each. 

Arktura’s Top 9 Backers and Accessory Options 

Acoustic Backers:  

1. Soft Sound®  

“Cubist Style Acoustic Wall” Featuring: Soft Sound®️ Tiles by Arktura

Soft Sound®️ is Arktura’s proprietary acoustic materials, made of 100%-PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic, our Soft Sound® material is a versatile acoustic product that can be installed as acoustic wall tiles, hanging ceiling baffles & ceiling fins, and as an acoustic backer for perforated metal ceiling panels. The Soft Sound®️ Tiles seen above provide sound mitigation in a playful geometric form. 

Whether you need to create acoustic comfort in a small or large area, acoustical drop ceiling tiles and baffles made from Soft Sound® material are scalable to your space. 

2. Soft Sound® Wood Texture 

“One Medical Lobby” Chicago, IL, Callison RTKL – SEA (Architects), Featuring: SoundStar® by Arktura

Over the years Arktura has been gradually upgrading our Soft Sound offerings in new finishes, new product compatibility, and new materials, such as our premium Wood Texture. This nature inspired print can be applied to a number of Arktura products including our SoundStar® geometric cloud system. 

This replicates the lavish and warm feel of real wood paneling in an acoustically sound, custom wood grain printed package. Offering the same great benefits found above in Soft Sound®️ with a premium wood look like finish to elevate a final design and create possibilities not found in solid color options. 

Utilize this for a sustainable classic look or to bring a bit of biophilia to your space.  

3. Translucent Backer

Translucent backers are an optional accessory for Arktura’s line of faceted wall and acoustic ceiling panels, made of polycarbonate. These light diffusing backers can be used to create a functional or decorative lighting effect in any space. 

Pair these backers with Arktura Backlighting for subtle illumination coming through the perforations of decorative wall panels.

4. Non-Woven Acoustical Backer  

“Minimalist Backer for Minimalist Pattern” Featuring: Particle® Ion by Arktura

This is a woven fiber ultra-thin alternative to our Soft Sound Backer. This results in a homogenous, dense material that remains porous, ultra-thin and lighter than standard copy paper that adds attenuation to the system.  Pair this lightweight backer with a minimalist pattern, seen here on Particle® Ion

Additional Accessories: 

5. InLine Lighting 

“Kaiser Permanente Largo”, Lanham, MD, Callison RTKL, Alain Jaramillo (Photographer), Featuring: Trace® Straight by Arktura

InLine Lighting is linear LED light bars that are designed to be used with our panels in ceiling and Vertika® wall mounted systems such as Vapor® and Trace®. These sleek panel lighting systems are integrated seamlessly and useful when paired with ceiling panels with a continuous design that you wouldn’t want interrupted by extruding light fixtures. Inline Lighting modules are installed directly into the decorative panels themselves.

Seen above, these lights are installed flush to the Trace® Straight panels in a noisy gym environment. These decorative drop ceiling panels provide acoustic support as well as lighting all in one package.  

6. Arktura Backlight

“Deloitte Burlington” Toronto, CA, Arney Fender Katsalidis AFK-Toronto, James Brittain (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Cumula by Arktura

Backlighting and perforated panels make a perfect match, allowing the light to shine through the various openings. Available as an optional accessory in a variety of systems, these lighting modules are installed discreetly behind a panel directly to the wall or attached to lighting trays that sit on top of T-Grid aluminum ceiling systems. 

Bring new life to your next project with the multifaceted possibilities of illuminated architectural solutions, like those found above in the Vapor® Cumula 

7. Custom RGB Lighting by Solutions Studio®️

“160 West Santa Clara” San Jose, CA, ESI (Architect), Featuring: Vapor® Graphic Perf®

When flush InLine lighting and backlighting aren’t enough to fully convey your design intention, there is a more vibrant and vivid option with RGB Lighting, seen above in the 160 W Santa Clara project. Create a dynamic, polychromatic effect with these multi-colored lighting modules perfect in Vapor® Wall and Ceiling panels as well as exterior perforated façade systems.  

This optional accessory brings energy-efficient illumination into your design. Customizable lighting can change colors based on a holiday or event to create a personal connection with guests, the possibilities are endless.  

RGB Lighting, available for use with perforated wall panels to give off a more dynamic aesthetics can be programmed to create dazzling lighting effects and displays. These custom programmed LEDs are mounted behind the panels at the depth and spacing to achieve the desired effect, they can be fitted to create unique displays like the one seen above in a custom Vapor® Graphic Perf® 

8. Vertika® System 

“ControlTek” Bridgewater, NJ, Studio Eagle, Will Ellis (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Trail by Arktura

Take your design to the next level and plane with seamless transition from wall to ceiling utilizing our Vertika® System. Designed to make installation of torsion panels simple while keeping in mind ease of access. Add available options and accessories from above such as Arktura’s integrated InLine Lighting, Backlighting, Acoustic backers, translucent backers, and more.  

Add the perfect final touches to your next project with Arktura! 

From acoustic ceiling systems to decorate wall panels and just about everything in between, Arktura has the right system to elevate your next project. Explore our capabilities to learn more and if your next system isn’t in our catalog, contact our Solutions Studio® team to bring your creative vision to life.  

Contact our team today to learn more about our backer and accessory capabilities and get inspired today!   

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