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Design Inspiration

9 Versatile Acoustic Partition Ideas to Improve Productivity and Aesthetics in Your Space

February 20, 2024

By now, we are aware that unwanted noise, low speech clarity, and lack of privacy can negatively impact your commercial space’s productivity as well as comfort. While open office floor plans have removed cubicle dividers, this has allowed sound to flow freely through commercial spaces.

But what if there was a versatile way to absorb that excess noise while creating enhanced aesthetics and functionality? 

That’s where acoustics come in to play. Thoughtfully planned acoustics are a game-changer for commercial spaces, they not only add to the aesthetics but also offer a range of versatile benefits.  

Acoustic divider panels have long been the go-to for managing sound in commercial spaces. But their fixed installation doesn’t always lend itself to more creative and versatile interior arrangements.  

That is where Arktura’s SoftScreen®, movable acoustic wall panels come in to save the day. These versatile partitions offer all the benefits of traditional acoustic panels but with the added benefit of being able to move them around as needed. SoftScreen® offers multiple ways to install these acoustic sound panels to best suit your project needs, including hanging brackets, cable-hung, sliding track, and direct mounting methods. 

Let’s examine how our versatile SoftScreen® system can make a noticeable difference in your space’s acoustics and aesthetics.  

Half Pattern Design

Half pattern panels provide designers and architects additional flexibility in acoustic performance and peace of mind. They’re a versatile and easy way to divide space without building floor-to-ceiling walls. These acoustic room divider panels keep a space feeling unrestricted with their mix of openness and solid acoustic material. Half patterns can be rotated to have the upper or lower portion open or closed. 

Full Pattern Impact

Go all the way with Full Pattern acoustic wall panels for even more design impact in your space. From linear to geometric, these artistic patterns are precisely cut out of our proprietary Soft Sound® acoustic material. These make for stunning feature walls, or you can use them to create delineations in a larger space.  

Geometric Style

SoftScreen® Cora by Arktura

Add visual intrigue to your project with acoustic wall partitions featuring geometric patterns. The geometric designs add a modern and artistic flair to these acoustic office partitions, making them an excellent choice for those who want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their space. SoftScreen® Cora features solid forms paired with a diamond grid for a modern take on a classic look that will turn heads.  

Linear Looks

Create an intricate web across your walls with the linear form factor of patterns like SoftScreen® Trace. With over 50% openness in plan, this pattern brings a stunning focal point to any space. This increased visibility will help spaces feel more connected, even with acoustic room dividers in place.  

Clean, Minimalist Design

“Cozen O´Connor” New York, NY, TPG Architecture. Photo by Veronica Bean Photography.

For a more traditional look, bring it back to basics with the linear pleat of SoftScreen® Groove. These Groove patterns add surface texture while providing a solid barrier to absorb excess noise in your space. This design is offered in two styles: Groove Straight for a vertical stripe and Groove Angled for a new angle on acoustic design. SoftScreen® Groove Angled features three spacing options for its angled lines, all providing acoustic comfort thanks to their Soft Sound®️ construction. 

Solid Aesthetics


Establish a distinct and practical aesthetic while also providing maximum acoustic coverage with a solid pattern acoustic panel. SoftScreen®️ Solid’s adjustable room divider panels and acoustic partitions are just that — solid. Perfect for areas where privacy is needed, its various Soft Sound® finishes allow you to establish a vibrant presence in your space. To stay on top of future trends, specify these in our newest Soft Sound expansion, the Elementals Collection.

Circular Perforations  


One of our most common acoustical panel pattern designs features circular perforations. This versatile shape can create a variety of moods, looks, and influences depending on the pattern. SoftScreen® Frequency features a digitally inspired code design that starts intensely and gradually fades away; you can create a dynamic pattern that catches your eye.  

On the other hand, SoftScreen® Glimmer features a sporadic spatter of circular cutouts. Various-sized circles create a more playful design.  

Natural Wood Textures  

Once you’ve found the right pattern design, finding an impactful finish is essential. Our Soft Sound® library features multiple collections of colorful hues, but for a more biophilic touch, we offer a variety of premium wood textures. These rich, natural tones bring a bit of the natural world to your interior commercial space.  

Custom Application via Solutions Studio®

“YPMD Pediatric Neurology Clinic” Ladera Ranch, California, Synthesis DNA, Featuring: Arktura Solution Studio® custom grooved geometric Soft Sound®

If you require something a bit more tailored, our Solutions Studio® is here to realize your design vision. This team will collaborate with you from design to completion, from custom colors to unique form factors and applications.  

Make an Audible Difference in Your Space’s Acoustics 

Imagine holding a meeting in a conference room where you can hear every word clearly without being overheard by others outside or working in an open office space where you can focus without being disrupted by your colleagues’ conversations.  

This is the difference the right acoustic attenuation can make. Adjustable, acoustic panels are an effective and effortless way to cut through excess noise and create a quieter, more serene, and more productive environment.  

Contact our team today to learn more about creating more wellness-oriented commercial spaces. 

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