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Design Inspiration

Find the Proper Form Factor for Attenuating Walls – 9 Commercial Acoustic Design Ideas

June 7, 2023

The concept of acoustic wellness for commercial spaces such as offices, retail spaces, and restaurants has journeyed from an enjoyable benefit to an expectation.

Acoustical wall panels and other wall mounted systems such as track/trolly or hanging partitions, acoustic tiles, and wall covering provide more functional ways to mitigate noise and create a more comfortable work environment for everyone.

For a more decorative and cohesive look that adds acoustic performance, look no further than Arktura’s Vapor®, Particle®, Trace®, and Delta Drop® Vertika® attached wall systems.

Add optional acoustic backers made of our Soft Sound® (PET) or our Non-Woven Acoustic Backer to increase acoustic comfort throughout any space

Let’s explore several styles and design options for adding acoustic treatment and performance to your walls. From light installations that can be adjusted, to designs that can be outfitted with optional acoustic backers, these wall mounted acoustic options provide a form and function to best suit your next project’s design intent.   

Nine Acoustic Attenuation Ideas for Commercial Wall Spaces 

1. Wall Mounted Baffles   

“Bringing a New Angle to Acoustic Design” Featuring: SoftShapes™ Tri by Arktura

For concentrated acoustic attenuation, or to simply continue your acoustic ceiling design aesthetic, wall mounted baffles provide looks and functionality. Create a distinct focal point on your walls that will have guests and patrons looking around in awe. Absorb excess noise before it travels up to the ceiling with the geometric form factors of SoftShapes™, seen above.

Available in a variety of sizes and finish options, mix and match to create unique layouts with acoustic wall baffles.  

2. Perforated Biomorphic/Geometric Aluminum Panels with Soft Sound® Backe 

“Seamless Organic Connections” Featuring: Vapor® Bond by Arktura

For a more cohesive look throughout your commercial space, perforated wall panels can help you achieve your design intent. Paired with an acoustic backer, made of Arktura’s proprietary Soft Sound® material, you can have effective noise mitigation in a more subtle way. Geometric and Biomorphic patterns like Vapor® Bond bring a more natural quality to these decorative aluminum panels.  

3. Motion Filled Pattern  

“Heard It Through the Vine” Featuring: Vapor® Liana by Arktura

Motion filled perforated patterns inspire movement and productivity with their sporadic, active aesthetic. Motion based designs, like Vapor® Frequency or Vapor® Liana, provide viewers with design envy and are ideal for directing people where to go.

Like all Vapor® panels, these modules are easily installed through a straightforward wall attachment using our Vertika™ channel system. 

4. Parametric Design 

“Biomorphic Indoor Influence” Featuring: Trace® Slide 

In our modern age of technology, it’s fitting that interior design has gone digital as well. Parametric design is a method in which design features are shaped according to an algorithmic process. Arktura has crafted a collection of algorithmically generated patterns and concepts with elements of parametric design.

Optimize wellness by enhancing acoustic comfort and reducing the impact of noise with our high-performance Soft Sound® backers. 

5. Solutions Studio® – Custom Projects 

“Dr Ying Peng Ti – Corporate Drive” Ladera Ranch, CA, Synthesis (Architects), Featuring: Solutions Studio® by Arktura

For a custom touch that can’t be found anywhere else, look no further than Arktura’s Solutions Studio®. Our team of dedicated designers and developers work with you with unparalleled collaboration to bring your design vision to the built environment. This custom acoustic panel project seen above features abstract benches and walls made of our Soft Sound® acoustic materials.  

6. Minimal Acoustic Design Patterns  

“Elegant Minimalism” Featuring Vapor® Element by Arktura

Solid and gradient like patterns provide a minimal way to express artistic design without clashing with existing décor. With equal-sized circular holes evenly spaced on each panel, Vapor® Element gets a feeling of consistency and cohesion. Pair with our integrated backlighting for an illuminated look or with our Soft Sound® backer to unlock the full benefits of acoustic panels. 

7. Acoustic Direct Mount Soft Screen  

“Kenneth Copeland Ministries” Newark, TX, Featuring SoftScreen®️ Alcazar by Arktura

Direct mounted acoustic wall panels are an effective way to bring enveloping acoustic protection all around you. These SoftScreen®️ Alcazar acoustic wall paneling, made of our Soft Sound®️ material, feature a mesmerizing geometric pattern inspired by the Alcazar palace in Seville, and can elevate any commercial space. An effective way to bring acoustic functionality into your design.  

8. Half or Full Perforated Pattern Screen Partition  

“GrubHub” Philadelphia, PA, Shive Hattery, James John Jetel, Inc (Photographer) Featuring SoftScreen® Frequency

For a less permanent solution, Soft Screen panels, like those seen above, offer the same great acoustic partition wall coverage you’d expect from Arktura’s Soft Sound® material in a versatile form factor. These acoustical panels can be moved and adjusted thanks to its versatile installation methods.

Choose from Hanging Bracket, Cable Hung, Sliding Track, and Direct mounting methods to fit the needs of your space. Panels are even offered in half print and full print patterns to best suit your next project.  

9. Groove Linear Design Wall Coverings 

“An Acoustic Pop of Color” Featuring: SoftScreen® Groove Straight by Arktura

Bring a lively texture to spaces while creating a barrier from noise and air current. Mix and match straight and angled lines to create unique patterns of acoustic comfort with the direct mount options of Groove Wall Coverings.

These acoustic sound panels for walls made of our Soft Sound® material apply directly to walls and are field trimmable to achieve an infill appearance as seen above.

From walls to ceilings, and more.

Bringing acoustic support to your office, restaurant, hotel and more is paramount to providing a pleasant auditory experience for everyone. Arktura offers numerous methods for reducing excess noise ranging from panels to cloud systems, and even decorative panels with Soft Sound backers to provide precise management.

Contact our team today to learn more about our various wall acoustic system options to get inspired today!

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