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Design Inspiration

8 Ways to Blend Color with Noise Reduction Baffles and Trellises

March 6, 2023

Acoustic ceilings have always been known for their ability to control sound and create a comfortable acoustic environment. What they haven’t been known for is their ability to enhance and even guide the design of a space. Modern options for acoustic ceilings and baffles have revolutionized what acoustical ceilings can do.

Incorporating color along with unique noise-reducing trellis and baffle designs can elevate a space and make the ceiling a design element in its own right.

1. Bold Green and Orange

“Children’s Hospital Lobby” Featuring: SoftGrid® by Arktura

With Softgrid®’s expanded color options comes the opportunity to add another dimension to your design. Duo finish options allow for dual finishes and mixed color options, including premium wood finishes that add depth and dimensionality to acoustic ceilings — allowing for everything from dramatic designs to this playful Kiwi and Tangerine palette that features SoftGrid Sine, a modern take on a noise reduction trellis.

2. Highlight Green for an Inviting Nature-Aesthetic

“Medical Mutual of Ohio” Cleveland, OH, Bialosky Partners – OH, Christian Phillips (Photographer), Featuring: SoftGrid® Switch by Arktura

One way to bring nature inside is to use green accents throughout a space. Blending Graphite and Kiwi SoftGrid® Switch acoustic ceiling modules creates an intricate web that adds an element of excitement and movement to the space.

“Botanical Workspace” Featuring: SoftGrid® by Arktura

This design makes you feel like you’ve just entered a lush jungle. Complete with living walls, an array of potted plants, and SoftGrid® Orbit noise-reducing ceiling clouds in Kiwi and Graphite, you half-expect a tiger to come prowling through.

“Open Coworking Space” Featuring: SoftGrid® Switch by Arktura

Pairing nature-inspired Kiwi and textured Marble, this SoftGrid® Switch design is the perfect blend of form and function. These soft colors imbue the space with a sense of calm serenity to support a quiet environment despite plenty of space for socializing and working. 

3. Soft and Comforting Pastels

“Pastel Pathway” Featuring: SoundAngle® by Arktura

Choosing soft and comforting pastels for an architectural ceiling helps to guide the feel of the space from the top down. SoundAngle® ceiling baffles in light green, tan and blue reduce noise from all directions to create a calm, acoustically controlled space that allows people to hear each other without becoming overwhelmed by background noise.

4. Aesthetic Opulence – Oak Look Baffles Against Black Ceiling

“Art Deco Office Space” Featuring: SoftGrid® Deca by Arktura

This art deco-inspired design takes a page right out of “The Great Gatsby”. The noise reducing ceiling clouds of our SoftGrid® Deca system, seen in our oak look, are set in stunning contrast to a dramatic black ceiling that captures the opulence of the Roaring ‘20s and adds dimension to the design.

5. Clean and Spacious White

“Open Workspace” Featuring: SoundAngle® by Arktura

Nothing beats classic white for creating a soothing space that feels both clean and spacious. SoundAngle® V-shaped baffles in white give other design elements the opportunity to take center stage while simultaneously creating a stunning ceiling scape.

6. Dramatic Gray Exudes Focus and Strength

“The Conference “Room” Featuring: SoftGrid® Wave by Arktura

It’s like a power suit for the ceiling. The dramatic swells of SoftGrid® Wave in Graphite flow across the ceiling — these can encompass a whole room or focus on a targeted space, as in this design, where the acoustic control is centered above a conference table.

7. Break Up the Aesthetic with a Yellow Accent

“Colorful Hallway” Featuring: SoftGrid® Wave by Arktura

Blending color and acoustics gives you the power to create the aesthetic of a space. Using the same SoftGrid® Wave system as the previous example, this dual-color design features Lemon and Graphite to transform the look of the entire system, break up the aesthetic and create a stunning ceiling that leaves a lasting impression. 

8. Invoke Deep Inspiration with Graphite and Apple

“Expansive City Studio” Featuring: SoftGrid® Wave by Arktura

The dramatic pairing of Apple and Graphite will invoke deep inspiration and insightful discussions as the SoftGrid® Round acoustic ceiling baffles preside over the space. The continuous series of rings connect together or stand apart to provide the acoustic support needed while leaving a lasting impression. 

Expertly Blend Color and Acoustics with Arktura

The stunning range of noise-reducing baffles and trellises offered by Arktura allows you to create a comfortable acoustic environment in any space. Paired with our expansive color library of Soft Sound® colors and wood textures, there’s no limit to how you can blend color and acoustics to create the perfect design aesthetic for the space. 

Contact our design experts today to discuss how you can expertly blend color and acoustics in your design.

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