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Design Inspiration

The Future of Transportation Hubs: Leveraging Design to Enhance Customer Wellness

March 26, 2024

From navigating traffic jams to battling crowds, the journey to and through a transit hub can quickly morph into a stressful experience. Disorienting noise and overwhelming sights bombard you upon entering a busy airport or train terminal, leaving you feeling flustered and forgetful.

Crowd noise, stressed travelers trying to ensure they arrive on time, half-audible PA announcements, and travel boards constantly flipping over to reveal updated delays or cancellations fill the space around you. 

But what if these bustling transportation hubs could be oases of calm clarity?

Imagine a world where commercial acoustics and decorative perforated panel systems make travel feel like leisure again. Let’s explore how these architectural systems can transform the passenger experience in transportation, from auto dealers to airports and train stations. 

So, buckle up and get ready to learn how focusing on acoustics and perforated panels can transform your transportation hub into a destination, not just a departure point.

BNA – Nashville Signature Terminal 

“BNA Signature Nashville” Nashville, TN, Schenkel Shultz. Photo by Chad Baumer.

Providing transportation hubs with a visual identity is a great way to make an impact on travelers. With its custom-designed facade made of our Graphic Perf® Solutions, there’s no doubt where you are when traveling out of BNA’s Signature Terminal in Nashville. 

“BNA Signature Nashville” Nashville, TN, Schenkel Shultz. Photo by Chad Baumer.

Once inside, travelers feel a sense of calm and relief as the interior is outfitted with an array of SoftGrid® Wave. The rest of the space also features Atmosphera® Linea for a trio of Arktura design magic. 

Phoenix Sky Harbor

“Phoenix Sky-Harbor International Airport” Phoenix, AZ, Corgan. Photo by Kurt Griesbach.

Greeting flyers at one of America’s busiest airports, Phoenix Sky Harbor’s Terminal 4 features a custom acoustic ceiling system that doubles as a public art installation. Based on our Atmosphera® system scaled up to great depths, with undulating baffles made of our Soft Sound® acoustic material. Reminiscent of the nearby Imperial Sand Dunes, this impressive structure is part of a larger-scale project to help increase traveler wellness. 

Dallas Fort Worth Airport

“Dallas Fort Worth Airport” Dallas, TX, Corgan. Photo by Kurt Griesbach.

Airport design and layout can sometimes leave travelers scrambling from one terminal to the next, rushing to their gates. Arktura’s Vapor® panels, with their illuminated perforations, not only make a striking visual, but they can also act as waypoint finders. This custom-designed project for DFW utilizes a combination of Vapor® Solid and a custom Vapor® design with backlighting to create a shining beacon leading to the gate. 

LAX – Terminal 2

“LAX – Terminal 2” Los Angeles, CA, Westfield LLC.

For the ultimate wow factor in your next airport project, look no further than the custom capability of our Solutions Studio® and Graphic Perf®. Graphic Perf® custom panels are woven throughout this terminal to create an impactful visual presence. Los Angeles’ Terminal 2 design makeover has redefined the LAX experience, elevating travelers’ expectations of a world-class airport environment.

SFO – Terminal 3

“SFO – Terminal 3” San Francisco, CA, Gensler.

Delivering a fresh, modernized airport experience that would put a harried traveler at ease, Arktura partnered with Gensler to revitalize San Francisco Airport’s Terminal 3. Our signature Graphic Perf® system creates a perforated cladding design that covers the airport’s ventilation system, hidden in these columns. 

Brightline – West Palm Beach Station

“All Aboard” West Palm Beach, FL, Zyscovich Architects. Photo by Steven Brooke Studios

From planes to trains, the West Palm Beach terminal for Brightline connects travelers to other popular Florida destinations. This busy terminal is outfitted with SoftGrid® Square acoustic baffle system above. These linear baffles absorb excess noise, creating a quieter and less frantic experience for those below. From ticket gates to lounges and terminals, this acoustic system provides attenuation for this bustling transportation hub.

Chinatown Station – San Francisco

“Chinatown Central Station” San Francisco, CA, Royston Hanamoto Alley & Abey. Photo by Caitlin Atkinson.

This custom canopy created a beacon visible from the surrounding area for San Francisco’s Chinatown Metro Station. Located on the rooftop of this transit station, this canopy is finished in bright red and provides shade and comfort for Bay Area travelers. This landmark was designed by our Solutions Studio® team. 

Tesla – Santa Monica

“Tesla” Santa Monica, CA, Michael W Folonis Architects. Photo by Art Gray.


Arktura designed a unique exterior for the electric vehicle’s Santa Monica showroom inspired by Nikola Tesla’s experiments with magnetic flux diagrams. Our proprietary software created a striking curved custom exterior Graphic Perf® system. The design is visually impressive and serves a practical purpose by filtering heat and sunlight, as well as protecting against rain.

Aero Racing Group

“Aero Racing Group” Dawsonville, GA, Brian Nicholson Design. Photo by Daemon Baizon.


Arktura’s Vapor® Trail elevates this Atlanta Motorsports Park garage into a stunning showroom. These innovative ceiling panels feature a captivating design and integrate seamlessly with backlighting, creating an immersive atmosphere that perfectly complements the world-class race car collection of Aero Racing Group.

Metropolitan Community College – Automotive Tech Center 

“MCC Auto Technical Center” Omaha, NE, BVH Architecture. Photo by AJ Brown Imaging LLC.

From the showroom to the classroom, the MCC’s Auto Technical Center campus received the Arktura treatment with a pair of acoustic systems. Above the hustle and bustle of future auto technicians, you will find both SoundStar® and SoftGrid® Deca acoustic modules. 

RTC Nevada 

Arktura Graphic Perf® Scripted for RTC exterior
“RTC” Las Vegas, NV, Gensler.

While students and staff at UNLV wait for transportation at the campus RTC station, they can find shade from the Nevada sun under custom Graphic Perf® panels. This versatile system acts as both wall and ceiling panels with a tailored pattern. The dotted design creates a unique shadow effect through these custom perforations. 

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles 

We can transform hubs into destinations that enhance the passenger experience by leveraging design and architecture. These spaces can become a calming and aesthetically pleasing environment by focusing on acoustics, wellness, and striking design. 

Contact Arktura today to learn how you can improve the customer experience and create a more enjoyable journey for travelers.


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