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Product Design

11 Innovative Commercial Ceiling Design Ideas for 2021

March 4, 2021

Creating an aesthetically pleasing ceiling is an essential factor in completing your commercial building design. The ceiling is a palette on which you can get creative and think outside the box, and an innovative ceiling design can serve to pull all of the other design elements together.

Beautiful ceiling designs can also be a practical way to control noise, direct traffic, create illumination and complete the overall aesthetic of your design.

Commercial Ceiling Design Ideas

1. Influence Memory With an Innovative Mix of Lighting and Ceiling Design

Arktura Atmosphera Analog 3D

“Calgary Telus Convention Centre” Calgary, Canada, Sarah Ward Interiors Inc. Lighting by Arktura, to set the mood and create a truly unique and memorable experience featuring Atmosphera® Analog 3D by Arktura


The fins that comprise Atmosphera® Analog 3D’s design are available in powder-coated steel for a smooth flat finish, or you can choose Soft Sound® material to enhance the acoustic comfort of the space. Both choices come in a variety of colors to further customize your design.

2. Add Angular Aesthetics to a Common Area

Arktura SoundAngle

“Confidential Office Space Reception Lounge”, Gensler, DPR Construction, ©Gensler – Ryan Gobuty (Photographer), Featuring SoundAngle® by Arktura


Using the SoundAngle® ceiling system adds dimensionality and high-performance sound attenuation through the use of Soft Sound® acoustical material. 

There are countless ways to combine these V-shaped baffles that are available in 6- and 12-inch depths. Because they can be seamlessly tiled or broken out, you can find the best way to adapt to your existing structural elements.

3. Use Dimension That Spans the Room

Arktura SoftGrid Round

“Oregon Convention Center” Portland, Oregon, LMN Architects – SEA, Western Partitions Inc. – OR, ©Sally Painter (Photographer), Featuring: SoftGrid® Round by Arktura


The SoftGrid® Round ceiling modules can be layered at varying heights to create depth and dimension while also enhancing acoustic comfort. Made with Soft Sound® material, these baffles are customizable and can span the entire ceiling or focus over a smaller area for targeted acoustic performance. 

4. Create a Seamless Labyrinth

Arktura SoftGrid Orbit

“Office Lounge” Featuring: SoftGrid® Orbit by Arktura


SoftGrid® Orbit’s unique honeycomb design evokes the look of a ceiling labyrinth with gridded modules creating a unifying continuous visual flow across a space. The Soft Sound® material helps to control noise in large open spaces where daily noise could disrupt business and productivity.

5. Keep Them Guessing With a Web

Arktura SoftGrid Switch

“Constellis” Lorton, VA, DBI – DC, Anning-Johnson Company – DC, VA, MD, ©Matthew Borkoski (Photographer), Featuring: SoftGrid® Switch by Arktura


Keep people guessing with SoftGrid® Switch acoustic ceiling modules. The seemingly random pattern adds excitement and spontaneity to your commercial ceiling design. Seamless connections between each section mean that you can cover as much space as you need in order to provide acoustic support to areas both large and small.

6. Settle a Conference Table Under an Ocean of Possibilities

Arktura SoftGrid Wave

“Confidential Client Conference Room” San Francisco, CA, Gensler – SF, Creative Ceilings & Drywall Inc., ©Jason O´Rear (Photographer), Featuring: SoftGrid® Wave by Arktura


The wave pattern created by SoftGrid® Wave recreates the look of smooth whitecaps crashing through the room, adding an edge that livens up the ceiling design. Unexpected and exciting, these acoustic ceiling modules are made with our Soft Sound® material that increases acoustic performance in any space.

7. Use Playful Minimalism to Control Sound


“Office Kitchen” Featuring: SoundBar® by Arktura


SoundBar® acoustical baffle and lighting system creates a visual soundscape with an assortment of lengths, widths and depths. They are available in a wide range of colors and wood textures that can be mixed to create your own unique environment. Integrated lighting in Up or Down configurations comes with power integrated into the suspension cables, to simplify installation and hide wiring, making the ceiling design clean and uncluttered. 

8. Focus Attention by Manipulating Integrated Lighting

Arktura Vapor Frequency

“Lecture Hall” Featuring: Vapor® Frequency by Arktura


The pattern of Vapor® Frequency torsion spring panels paired with integrated InLine lighting bars directs attention forward towards the front of the room. Adding Soft Sound® backers reduces noise and adds another dimension with a variety of colors to choose from.

9. Define Separate Spaces With Thin Panels

Arktura Vapor Cumula

“Exact Sciences Innovation One” Madison, Wisconsin, Potter Lawson – Madison, Central Ceiling Systems, Inc., ©2020 Mike Rebholz (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Cumula by Arktura


Where a large area has multiple functions, it can be difficult to define and separate spaces. But Vapor® Cumula’s ethereal pattern with integrated lighting backer can be used to easily define spaces and create separation between areas. A Soft Sound® acoustic backer can also be included to reduce ambient noise and create acoustic comfort. 

10. Create a Juxtaposed Design

arktura ceiling

“Airport Exit” Featuring: Particle™ Ion by Arktura


Particle™ Ion’s intricate micro-perforation pattern diffused over large panels blends small details with large scale. Integrated lighting and non-woven acoustic fabric backers will make this innovative ceiling design a standout feature in your space.

This system is also compatible with Arktura’s Vertika® wall channel and conventional torsion spring grid systems which allows for effortless installation across both walls and ceilings.

11. Direct Traffic by Creating a Path to Follow

“1201 W Lake Lobby” Chicago, Illinois, Eastlake Studio – CH, DBM Service, Inc., ©Steve Hall, Hall + Merrick (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Cora by Arktura


This modern take on a classic diamond pattern can be used to direct traffic through a space. Solid forms are scattered throughout the Vapor® Cora diamond pattern, lending itself well to integrated backlighting that is just enough to enhance the design. The aluminum torsion spring panel system can alternatively be paired with Soft Sound® acoustic backers to add acoustic comfort instead.

An Innovative Ceiling Design for 2021

We are all hoping that 2021 brings fewer surprises than 2020; however, you can still create a pleasant surprise with an innovative ceiling design by utilizing the variety of panels offered by Arktura. Don’t forget, all of our panel products work just as well on walls as they do on ceilings. With the help of our expert team, you can integrate an incredible acoustic panel centerpiece into your design. Learn more about our products here.