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Design Inspiration

12 Acoustic Ceiling Tiles and Panels That Achieve Both Performance and Beauty

October 17, 2021

Commercial spaces have long needed acoustic paneling to help manage unwanted sound. For years, the best answer to the issue was drop-ceiling panels.

These cost-effective ceiling solutions were an essential tool for value engineering in lieu of more dynamic options in the architectural space.

But today’s acoustic ceiling solutions use aerospace-precision manufacturing to bring you the best in sound dampening technology, along with cutting-edge style.

12 Acoustic Ceiling Solutions to Make a Statement 

Ceilings are often considered the fifth wall of a room, and in the most dynamic and innovative design settings, they need to match the style and design found in the rest of the space. If you’re wondering just how effectively acoustic ceiling systems can accomplish this, check out these twelve designs that will show you how easy it is to make a statement without sacrificing acoustic performance.

1. Light and Colorful

“West Monroe Partners” Chicago, Illinois, Garnett Architects - CH, Robert Buyle (Photographer), Featuring: SoundEdge® by Arktura.
“West Monroe” Chicago, IL, Garnett Architects, Robert Buyle (Photographer), Featuring: SoundEdge® by Arktura.

One of the misconceptions about acoustic ceiling systems is that they need to form a solid barrier across the ceiling. That isn’t always necessary. 

With the right materials and system design, you can have a light, airy and colorful system that creates a unique look for your room, while also absorbing unwanted sounds. These unique fins create a geometric pattern that looks as though it was designed for style and not for acoustics. 

2. Criss-Cross Grid

“Financial Services” Houston, TX, HOK, G. Lyon Photography Inc. Featuring: SoftGrid by Arktura
“Financial Services” Houston, TX, HOK, G. Lyon Photography Inc. Featuring: SoftGrid by Arktura

Many businesses today rely on open workspaces and a more playful vibe for their office and building designs. These unique grid-style acoustic ceiling systems are perfect for these modern spaces, as wide-open rooms often need more acoustic control than traditional office spaces. They also are less likely to have wall partitions to help balance and control sound, so the ceiling becomes more important than ever before. 

The grid helps control the acoustics, while also perfectly matching the aesthetic of the room. The playfulness of the design means that it can be included in areas where it’s needed, without leaving a visual gap in areas where it’s not. 

3. Sleek Angles

“Madison Marquette” Washington, DC, Perkins + Will, Eric Laignel (Photographer), Featuring: SoundAngle by Arktura
“Madison Marquette” Washington, DC, Perkins + Will, Eric Laignel (Photographer), Featuring: SoundAngle by Arktura

One of the best parts of acoustic ceiling systems like this one is the ability to piece together the various components in different configurations. These angled baffles can be installed in multiple directions, so you can create your own unique look for the room, conveying whatever kind of style, design or vibe you want. 

Despite the amount of empty space between them, the angles of each piece still absorb plenty of sound, controlling the acoustics for the open work environment. 

4. Intricate Grid Patterns 

“Open Common Area with Auditorium Seating” Featuring: SoftGrid - Flux
“Open, Geometric Space” Featuring: SoftGrid – Flux by Arktura

In a large area, you’ll have more need for acoustic control. You’ll also have a wider, more dynamic canvas to work with in terms of open ceiling space. 

This grid design allows you to cover an extensive area while creating a unique and eye-catching style. You can make elegant designs, geometric patterns or other solutions that will make the statement you’re looking for and still control the sound. 

The look created by this grid is layered and organic, designed to draw the eye and also bring the ceiling down in height visually to make the room feel cozier and closer than it really is. 

5. Hexagon Design

“Cushman Wakefield Headquarters” Chicago, IL, Whitney, J.J. Jetel (Photographer), Featuring: SoundStar by Arktura
“Cushman Wakefield Headquarters” Chicago, IL, Whitney, J.J. Jetel (Photographer), Featuring: SoundStar by Arktura

Openwork areas are ideal for creating a more fluid workspace and boosting productivity. They also create an environment where it’s difficult to concentrate when you can hear everything around you. 

This unique acoustic ceiling solution fixes this common problem by catching and absorbing sound from below. The open spaces between each module keep the design fresh and interesting by introducing negative space. And because the modules themselves are so effective at dampening sound, they don’t need to cover the entirety of the space. 

6. Sculptural Design 

SoftFold®acoustical system installed in Alur lobby
“Alur Showroom” Chicago, IL, Modular Architectural Interiors, Featuring: SoftFold by Arktura

Lounge areas have special needs when it comes to acoustics. They tend to be located in open spaces where there’s a lot of traffic and ambient noise. Modular acoustic ceiling systems can help absorb some of that sound and make the area more functional. 

However, while you want the area to be comfortable, you still want the area to fit the office’s aesthetics. Using unique ceiling solutions like this one, you can create an eye-catching sculptural design that also absorbs and dampens the sound of the area below.

7. Coffered Grids

“Modern Co-working Space” Featuring: SoftSpan - 48 by Arktura
“Modern Indoor Garden” Featuring: SoftSpan – 48 by Arktura

For a space that blends natural and modern elements, a coffered grid system is the ideal acoustic solution. By utilizing an open grid or coffer panels, you can create a custom ceiling tailored to the needs of the space.

The grid can be open in some areas, like under a skylight or where the room needs to appear larger. Coffer panels create an enclosed look while further enhancing the acoustics of the space. The wood look of the grid and coffers furthers the feel of a trellis that could be found in a rambling garden.

8. Curved Baffles

“114 Western Ave.” Canton, MA, Baker Design Group, © Robert Benson Photography, Featuring: SoftSound - Flow by Arktura
“114 Western Ave.” Canton, MA, Baker Design Group, Robert Benson Photography, Featuring: Atmosphera® Flow by Arktura

Defy expectations with an acoustic ceiling system that uses curved ceiling baffles. This ceiling system adds a sense of playful movement reminiscent of ocean waves or rolling hills. With a subtle nod to natural elements, they create a beautiful space while maintaining acoustic comfort.

This versatile system can span the entire ceiling or can be customized to a more targeted area. In this design, the recessed and wood framed installation only enhances an already stunning design.

9. Acoustic-Supported Aluminum Panels

“Acoustic Amphitheater” Featuring: SoftSound - Cora by Arktura
“Acoustic Amphitheater” Featuring: Trace® Curved by Arktura

The range of available acoustic products encompasses a stunning array of patterns, textures, and colors. The options go even further when you use an aluminum torsion spring panel system with an acoustic backer. 

Perforated ceiling panels come in a wide variety of patterns and an acoustic backer in your choice of color. The combination of the aluminum panels and the acoustic backer allows you to blend form and function in a stunning design.  

10. Domed Baffle Grids

“Media Center” Featuring: SoftSound - Dome by Arktura
“Media Center” Featuring: SoftPlanes® by Arktura

In an innovative take on ceiling tiles, these domed baffle grids help you achieve more height in a space while still maintaining acoustic control. Domed ceiling baffles create a sense of rolling hills as they reduce noise in a space, large or small. This landscape can be used on the entire ceiling or to provide extra acoustic support and additional focus on a more targeted area.

11. Multiplane Surfacing

“Open Studio Workspace” Featuring: Arktura Solutions Studio®
“Ideal Office” Featuring: Solutions Studio® by Arktura

Open office floor plans also have their own special set of acoustic needs. There might be multiple people typing, talking and walking at all times, so echoes can be a problem that interrupts concentration and work efficiency. This tessellated pattern adds visual interest to the ceiling while the material absorbs and dampens sounds.

Our Solutions Studio® will work with you to create the custom ceiling of your dreams and provide an acoustic ceiling solution that solves the issue effortlessly. 

12. Layered Acoustics

“Modern Kitchen” Featuring: SoftSound - Rise by Arktura
“Modern Kitchen” Featuring: Atmosphera® Strata by Arktura

The sharp angles of these geometric ceiling baffles create a path that grabs people’s attention. Each cut back and forth peels away new layers, to reveal a quiet and peaceful path for the eye to follow. Strategic lighting enhances the design by not only lighting the space, but also by highlighting the multi-dimensional ceiling design.

Get Better Style and Sound Control Together

Today’s acoustic ceiling systems have evolved in terms of both style and function. These acoustic ceiling solutions are examples of how you can bring your vision to life, play with angles and patterns that enhance your surroundings and make sure that the space is going to meet the needs of the occupants at the same time.

Visit Arktura.com to discover more stylish sound control options, and take your acoustic ceilings to the next level of sound control and design! Or, click here to find an Arktura representative near you.

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