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SoftShapes™ Brings a New Angle to Arktura’s Acoustic Cloud Lineup

September 26, 2022

Introducing SoftShapes™, an ultra-versatile acoustic cloud line available in three distinct geometric form factors: TriQuad, and Hex. Whether installed individually, in clusters, or arrayed across a space, SoftShapes™ makes it easy to create unique layouts tailored to your design vision and project specifications.

SoftShapes Tri, Quad, and Hex offer sculptural building blocks with three, four, and six sides of acoustic comfort, respectively. With SoftShapes, the creative options are near limitless thanks to a range of specifiable lengths, widths, and depths resulting in 40+ available size configurations for each shape. Made from our sound attenuating Soft Sound® material, these clouds are also available in an abundance of finishes, including our premium Soft Sound® Wood Textures. 

Pictured: SoftShapes™ Tri

Pictured: SoftShapes™ Quad

Pictured: SoftShapes™ Hex

The innovation does not stop there, as we focused this collection on ease of installation as well. All SoftShapes configurations feature adjustable drop locations and multiple installation methods: Cable Hung, All Thread, Strut Mount, Grid Mount, and Direct Mount. Direct mount is also supported across both ceilings and walls, making SoftShapes a truly multi-faceted solution for unifying and bringing enhanced acoustic performance to diverse spaces. 

SoftShapes features adaptive geometric clouds that can be installed alone or in tandem with other wall or ceiling-mounted modules to best suit your project needs. Use select models to span a ceiling with Arktura’s SoundStar®, SoftGrid® hexagonal modules (Deca, Orbit, and Flux), and TriSoft®, or find your own combination. To learn more about SoftShapes, visit its line page and product pages, or contact your local rep for product questions or sales inquiries. 

Our team is here to help fuel possibilities for your next project! 

Visit SoftShapes™ Line Page

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