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Product Design

12 Examples of Stunning Perforated Wall Panels

May 10, 2021
Perforated Wall Panels

Design has the power to define a space and speak volumes about a company, its services and its values. Incorporating perforated wall panels into a design allows you to create a stunning visual experience while also aiding sound absorption, defining work areas and illuminating the space.

These 12 examples will inspire you to incorporate stunning perforated wall panels into your design. 

1. Interstellar Style

Perforated Wall Panels - SoftScreen® Stellar by Arktura

“Reception Area” Featuring: SoftScreen® Stellar by Arktura


As the name implies, SoftScreen® Stellar’s perforated panel system calls to mind a quiet stargazing experience. Used here to separate retail space, the panels are cable hung and anchored to the floor. Made with Soft Sound® material and anodized aluminum top bars, these perforated panels provide acoustic comfort in the open space. 

2. Nature Inspired Design

Perforated Screen Wall - Vapor® Cumula by Arktura

“Deloitte Burlington” Toronto, CA, Arney Fender Katsalidis AFK-Toronto, James Brittain Photography, Featuring: Vapor® Cumula by Arktura


The perforated metal wall panels of Vapor® Cumula are inspired by a beautiful cloudy sky. Extending the design from the ceiling to the wall wraps the space in beauty, encouraging peace and calm.

3. Fully Custom Graphics

Perforated Panel System - Graphic Perf® Custom Photoreal Interior by Arktura

“200 W Jackson” Chicago, IL, Wright Heerema Architects, © 2016 James Steinkamp (Photographer), Featuring: Graphic Perf® Custom Photoreal Interior by Arktura


For a fully customized perforated wall panel system, Graphic Perf® Custom Photoreal Interior translates your image into a pattern of holes that perfectly recreates the image. This stunning choice allows you to truly put your stamp on the design.

4. An Environmentally Patterned Design

An Environmentally Patterned Design

“Front Office Desk” Featuring: Particle™ Ion by Arktura


This perforated metal wall panel system is composed of diffused micro-perforations reminiscent of a hazy day. Compatible with our Vertika® wall channel, Particle™ Ion panels can be installed where you need them to create a stunning customized space. 

5. Separate or Unify, as Needed

Arktura-SoftScreen Slant

“Cozy and Quiet” Featuring: SoftScreen® Slant by Arktura


The stunning modern geometric design of SoftScreen® Slant helps you achieve targeted sound control while infusing the space with elegance and sophistication. Combined with a ceiling-mounted track and trolley system, this modular space can accommodate private areas or create a unified space, as needed. The flexibility of these dividers can be used in individual workspaces to achieve physical separation without visual obstruction.

6. Bring Advanced Technology to the Forefront

Delta Drop® 2x4 by Arktura

“Sprint Conference Center” Overland Park, KC, RMTA, Featuring: Delta Drop® 2×4 by Arktura


Using Delta Drop® 2×4, you can create a dynamic tech vibe and leverage Arktura’s advanced technical capabilities with these perforated faceted wall panels’ dimensional geometry. Integrated backlighting allows you to illuminate the space not only from the ceiling but also from the sides. Compatible with our Vertika® channel system, it offers easy installation on walls and ceilings.

7. Capture People’s Attention 

Perforated Screen Wall -  SoftScreen® Alcazar by Arktura

“Quiet Open Office Space” Featuring: SoftScreen® Alcazar by Arktura


Inspired by the Alcazar palace in Seville, this unique panel design is constructed with Soft Sound® material to reduce the impact of noise from everyday activities such as phones ringing, typing and conversation. 

Separating spaces with SoftScreen® Alcazar not only creates functional areas but also creates a stunning design element that is sure to impress. Placed next to each other, our panels offer a continuous aesthetic, creating a design with no visible pattern breaks.

8. A Technological Waterfall

Vapor® Frequency by Arktura

“Relaxing Waiting Area” Featuring: Vapor® Frequency by Arktura


Vapor® Frequency aluminum torsion spring perforated metal wall panels feature a perforated design that starts off intense and fades away. This creates a unique technological waterfall effect, infusing movement into the design.

9. Integrate Suspended Wall Systems

Integrate Suspended Wall Systems

“Separation while being Open Concept” Featuring: SoftScreen® Groove Straight by Arktura


Most large spaces don’t allow for a one-size-fits-all privacy solution. That is especially true in today’s dynamic, open-concept offices. These SoftScreen® Groove Straight panels are a great way to separate open-concepts spaces without installing cubicles or structural walls. You can mix and match these panels with other unique SoftScreen® products to customize the degree of visual and acoustic privacy. 

10. 1 Pattern, 2 Ways

Perforated Metal Wall Panels - SoftScreen® Cora by Arktura

“Quiet Separation” Featuring: SoftScreen® Cora by Arktura


Vapor® Cora features a diamond grid with scattered solid forms to create a modern take on a classic look. Paired without a Soft Sound® backer, this perforated wall panel system adds sculptural depth to the space, by adding a Soft Sound® backer the space may be further enhanced with added acoustic performance. Backlighting can also be integrated, illuminating the pattern and adding light to dark areas.

Perforated Metal Wall Panels - SoftScreen® Cora by Arktura

“Quiet Separation” Featuring: SoftScreen® Cora by Arktura


The Cora pattern is also used in SoftScreen® Cora to provide a separation of spaces and acoustic comfort. Made with Soft Sound® material, these panels come in a wide variety of colors that will enhance your design.

11. Create an Indoor Jungle Feel

Create an Indoor Jungle Feel - Arktura Vapor Liana Hospital

”Hospital Waiting Area” Featuring: Vapor® Liana by Arktura


Create the feel of an indoor oasis with the soft vine tendrils of Vapor® Liana. These stunning metal wall panels add softness and whimsy to otherwise standard walls, and with an acoustic backer, you can customize the color and add acoustic comfort to control reverberations.

12. Rustic. Modern. Chic.

Rustic. Modern. Chic. - Vapor® Cluster by Arktura

“GoldTex Lobby” Philadelphia, PA, Post Brothers CRE – PA, Studio Basel Photography, Featuring: Vapor® Cluster by Arktura


This design incorporates rustic and modern design elements, adding up to a chic and stunning space. The beautiful modern element of Vapor® Cluster creates the perfect contrast to the rustic coffee table and tan leather couch. Available in two perforation densities, this perforated panel system will complete any room.

Create a Stunning Design With a Perforated Panel System

Arktura designs and manufactures stunning perforated wall panel systems that not only provide superior aesthetics but also have the capability to add acoustic comfort and additional illumination with integrated backlighting.

Start designing your stunning space by contacting Arktura today.