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Design Inspiration

14 Geometric Ceiling Tile & Cloud Design Options for Commercial Spaces

November 8, 2022

A geometric ceiling design is a surefire way to add intrigue and impact to your commercial space. From classic patterning to abstract designs, there’s no shortage of options to elevate your interior.

These creative geometric ceiling tile designs will inspire you to get creative and think outside the box when designing your commercial ceiling: 

1. Updated Geometric Patterning Inspired by Chemical Bonds

This office space has white desks with black chairs. There are trees incorporated in the space.“Hexagonal Ceiling” Featuring: Vapor® Bond by Arktura

With hexagonal shapes that mimic the look of chemical bonds, this geometric ceiling example invokes motion, connectivity and interaction. Its continuous pattern makes it scalable and effortlessly sleek. In addition, this design utilizes our Vapor® system, making the ceiling feel geometric without needing separate tiles.

2. A Classic Diamond Pattern with Sporadic Solids for Added Effect

Arktura Vapor Cora“1201 W. Lake Lobby” Chicago, IL, Eastlake Studio, Steve Hall, Hall + Merrick Photographers, Featuring: Vapor® Cora by Arktura

Nothing is boring or standard about a Vapor® Cora ceiling design. It’s jaw-dropping and designed specifically to turn heads and make an impact. In this example, the geometric ceiling seems to melt down the walls to create a completely immersive visual experience. 

3. Fragmented Hexagons Create a Chic Geometric Illusion

“Hospitality Common Area” Featuring: VaporHue™ Link by Arktura

This geometric ceiling has a three-dimensional cube effect thanks to its VaporHue™ Link printed and perforated aluminum panels. The fragmented hexagon patterning uses illusion to bring cohesion and depth to this space, showing how impactful subtle geometry can be. 

4. Patterned Triangle Cloud Baffles with Innovative Integrated Light Bars

“Open Meeting Space” Featuring: SoftShapes Tri cloud baffles by Arktura

Marry your geometric ceiling with innovative integrated light bars to maximize the impact. SoftShapes Tri cloud baffles are designed to be compatible with the TriSoft® ceiling system to ensure this geometric ceiling and room isn’t just beautiful. It’s quiet as well.

5. Utilize Geometric Patterned Ceiling Panels to Create a Wave Effect 

“Confidential Client” San Francisco, CA, Gensler, Jason O´Rear (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Bond by Arktura

Who says geometric ceiling tiles can’t have movement? This geometric ceiling uses the SoftGrid® Wave system to make the ceiling seem alive with a wave effect. And now, for larger jobs, the addition of SoftGrid® Max options allows you to do it all while maximizing value and minimizing the impact on the environment. 

These expansions add variant options for openness and size for each design, extending each space’s possibilities.

6. Elegant Hexagonal Cloud Baffles in Three Dimensional Arrangement

“Dimensional Lobby” Featuring: SoftShapes™ Hex cloud baffles by Arktura

These cable-hung hexagonal SoftShapes cloud baffles create a powerfully elegant aesthetic in this commercial space. The three-dimensional accents do a terrific job of providing impact without having to cover the entire ceiling in panels. Plus, when paired with SoundStar®, these hanging hexagons can also help enhance acoustic perform

7. Install Your Own Geometric Pattern with Arranged Multi-colored Cloud Baffles

“Quiet Library” Featuring: SoftGrid® Deca by Arktura“Patterned Workspace” Featuring: SoftGrid® Deca by Arktura

These multi-colored SoftGrid® Deca cloud baffles are an excellent way to provide dimensional geometry to any space. With their inverted hexagonal shape, these cloud baffles can easily combine to create a complex geometric ceiling. 

8. Make Light Your Geometric Paint Brush

“Soft Workspace” Featuring: SoftSpan® 24 by Arktura

Using lighting is a powerful way to elevate a geometric ceiling pattern. In this example, the SoftSpan® 24 baffle system already creates the look of a tightly coffered ceiling. By backlighting every other square, this coffered ceiling now has an additional geometric layer that mimics the look and feel of a modern checkerboard. This system achieves the trellis look without the weight and cost associated with real wood trellis systems.

9. Take Geometry to the Third Dimension with Acoustic Baffles

“Mission Veterinary Partners” Southfield, MI, Davis & Davis (Architect), Featuring: SoftFold® by Arktura

This example shows the power of a minimalist and focused design. With one section of SoftFold® acoustic baffles, this ceiling was transformed into a three-dimensional geometric piece of art. It goes to show how thoughtfully incorporating a functional element can also elevate a design. 

10. Multi-Sized Squared Cloud Baffles Provide Visual Depth and Trendy Atmosphere

“High-Arched Lobby” Featuring: SoftShapes™ Quad cloud baffles by Arktura

This ceiling masterfully mixes cable-hung and mounted SoftShapes cloud baffles to create a trendy space with lots of depth. The squares are also different sizes which further enhances the effect. With dozens of sizes, depths and thickness options, this commercial space really utilizes the versatility of the SoftShapes™ cloud baffles. 

11. Trust in Triangles for Powerful Geometric Patterning

“Neustar” Reston, VA, Garrett Rowland Photography, HKS Architects (Architect), Featuring: TriSoft® ceiling system by Arktura

Want to break the rules? Add a touch of abstraction to geometry. Go with the TriSoft® ceiling system to create an array of three-dimensional triangles. To take it a step further, you can play with completely different shapes with the flooring to create an impactful geometric haven. 

12. Loosen Symmetry for Engaging Ceiling Panels

“Finnegan” Reston, VA, HYL Architecture, Garrett Rowland Photography LLC, Featuring: Atmosphera® Adaptive Pulse by Arktura

This geometric ceiling utilizes the Atmosphera® Adaptive Pulse system to create a laidback geometric experience. This ceiling panel is backlit to capture its modernist aesthetic even further.

13. Overlapping Open Circles Create a Cloud-like Aesthetic

Sphera® ceiling system in green installed in cafe.“Open Cafe Featuring: Sphera® ceiling system by Arktura

For a whimsical effect, you can’t go wrong with open circles. Arktura’s Sphera® ceiling system, shown above, creates a cloudlike effect that merges geometry and organic cues effortlessly to create a unique final look. Using the color green helps highlight the whimsy even more. 

14. Three Dimensional Diamonds Fold and Adapt to Your Custom Ceiling Tile Needs

“71 Above” Los Angeles, CA, Tag Front (Architect), Featuring: Solutions Studio® by Arktura

Designed by our experts at Arktura, this multi-faceted ceiling was adapted to create a one-of-a-kind visual experience that covertly establishes intimate acoustics. The eyes are drawn upwards and dance around with ease, bouncing from diamond to diamond. This gorgeous geometric ceiling is a shining example of what happens when you merge high-class design with uncompromising functionality. It also helped give birth to what eventually became our highly versatile preconfigured hexagonal SoundStar® acoustic coffer cloud system.

Get Creative with Arktura’s Geometric Ceiling Options

No matter your design aesthetic, we have a geometric ceiling tile or cloud baffle option that will integrate seamlessly into your commercial space. From our our panel systems, to our expansive range of acoustic systems, including SoftShapes™ cloud baffles, our team is committed to helping you bring your vision to life.

Contact our design team today to create your one-of-a-kind geometric ceiling.

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