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Design Inspiration

13 Office Modular Ceiling Systems That Are Anything But Basic

June 25, 2020
Office Ceiling Panels | Trace® Slant with Soft Sound® backers and Arktura's InLine Integrated Lighting installed in office.

Office Ceiling Panel Design Ideas

For decades, the best way to control the acoustics in an office setting was to install an acoustic ceiling. In most instances, this was a type of dropped ceiling that was cost-effective and had a utilitarian design. These dropped ceiling panels were also helpful in controlling sound. 

Today’s office ceiling solutions are just as effective but also emphasize a stylish design, with many of them capable of making an incredible statement in the room they’re installed in.

If you’re considering an update of your office decor, be sure to check out these 13 office ceiling design ideas.

1. Honeycomb Grid

office ceiling systems Arktura-SoftGrid-Deca-SoundStar-Office-03
“Metallic Ceiling” Featuring: SoftGrid – Deca by Arktura

This acoustic ceiling adds a lot of interest and character to the office below. It’s made up of different types and styles of panels pieced together to form a type of hexagonal grid. By combining different textures, you can add another layer of dimension and interest, while the Soft Sound material helps control the acoustics of the room.

2. Suspended Sculpture

Arktura SoftGrid Flux
“Large, Open Office” Featuring: SoftGrid – Flux by Arktura

If your office building has tall ceilings, acoustics become even more important. By suspending the panels and creating a unique design overhead, you not only help to control the sound in the room (thanks to the Soft Sound material), but you also bring the ceiling down in visual height. This makes the space feel a little cozier, while you also create a unique focal point just above the viewer. 

The different pieces playing and interlocking across the space above you makes for an innovative design that is sure to get everyone’s attention.

3. Subtle Style

“Close Up” Featuring: Trisoft by Arktura

Not every decorative ceiling panel needs to be three-dimensional to make an impact or be effective. This sleek, smooth design creates a unique pattern along the ceiling of this hallway. And because the system is made from Soft Sound material, it helps reduce the amount of sound echoing when visitors walk down the hallway.

With the glass walls on one side of the space, the reflective surface of the ceiling helps to complement the overall design. The long lines of the panels help draw the eye to the end of the space, making a natural focal point at one end.

4. Faceted Waves

Delta Drop® 2x4 full circle with backlight installed above elevator lobby.
“Wiley” Hoboken, NJ, TPG Architecture, Featuring: Delta Drop® 2×4 by Arktura

Ceilings don’t need to be flat to be effective. These perforated metal panels are installed in a faceted, geometric wave across the ceiling. It helps draw and focus the eye to the end of the corridor, creating a natural resting place and drawing the viewer closer. The space-age design also complements the decor of the space and the elevators lining either wall. 

When these panels are backed with our Soft Sound material, they can offer sound control as well. Or leave them without a backer to allow light to pass through, giving you options for what’s most important to your space.

5. Strategic Ceiling Design

SoftGrid® Sine acoustical system installed in QBE office
“Bright Lounge” Featuing: SoftGrid – Sine by Arktura

By placing sound control right where you need it, you can help create a more visual focus on that area as well. 

This unique ceiling panel gently waves above the conference table, helping to add additional acoustic control in this area while also automatically drawing the eye to the table area. This makes the center of the room the most important part of the design in every way.

6. Integrated Lights

Trace® Slant with Soft Sound® backers and Arktura's InLine Integrated Lighting installed in office.
“Innovative Office” Featuring: Trace – Slant by Arktura

Lighting is often incorporated into dropped ceiling panels, with a light panel replacing an acoustic one within the grid design. With newer office ceiling panels and better acoustic designs, you can incorporate lights in new and innovative ways. 

This dynamic and modern ceiling has thin lights set in it that are moving at an angle to the ceiling’s pattern. It creates an effect that moves the eye along the ceiling from one end of the office to the other. 

If what you need in a ceiling isn’t dynamic light but better sound control, swap out the lights for an acoustic sound backing material. You’ll still have an innovative and attractive ceiling, but with better sound absorption for the room.

7. Color & Drama

“Airport Terminal” Featuring: SoftGrid® Ceiling Grid Panels by Arktura

This airport has high ceilings that could easily cause echoes. And because of the high traffic, those echoes could easily become overwhelming. They needed a way to reduce the amount of noise while adding to the design. 

This suspended ceiling tile design brings color and drama to the seating areas and makes space for suspended lights as well. The acoustic modules are strategically placed where they’ll make the biggest impact on the acoustics of the room, so while they don’t cover the entire ceiling, they’re still incredibly effective.

8. Panel of Lights

VaporSoft Trail with Frosted Backer and Arkluma™ Backlight Integrated Lighting installed in office.
“Pioneering Office” Featuring: Vapor Soft – Trail by Arktura

This long, thin office space uses a suspended ceiling right down the middle to add some interest and focus to the room. Because the panels are made from Soft Sound material, they provide acoustic benefits to the space, helping reduce any echoes or excess sound, producing a dynamic looking, yet quiet environment, for work or study.

9. Open Grid

Arktura Softgrid Square
“Modern Workspace” Featuring: SoftGrid – Square by Arktura

This design is another way of helping to incorporate lights right into the design. 

This modular open grid system creates a soft, geometric appearance for the ceiling that blends in well with the bricks, windows and sliding doors in the room. The lights are suspended between the grids, so there’s plenty of illumination as well as sound control for the space. 

The unique look of the room is perfectly complemented by the ceiling, while also adding functionality to the space.

10. Broken Grid

SoftGrid Sine- Delta Dental- Seattle, WA_web-01
“Vibrant Lounge” Featuring: SoftGrid – Sine by Arktura

Open offices are becoming more common, incorporating communal work tables, flexible workspaces and employee lounge areas. All of this means that sound and acoustic control is more necessary than ever before. 

To keep the light, airy look of the rest of this office, a rolling grid pattern of acoustic panels was installed over the various seating areas. This allowed for targeted acoustic support, while adding charm to the design.

11. Sound Capturing Lights

Arktura SoundStar
“Cozy Breakroom” Featuring: SoundStar by Arktura

These modular ceiling clouds are designed to easily capture excess noise and help control the acoustics of the space. Each one is positioned so it can best accommodate the area below it. 

Because the clouds are trimmable while being installed, the designer was able to incorporate lighting into the different wells within the panels (though they are equally effective and beautiful without lighting). So while the stars are positioned to absorb the sounds directly below them, they can also illuminate the area at the same time.

12. Hanging Bars

Arktura-SoundBar-office -confrence-room-001
“Creative Conference Room” Featuring: SoundBar by Arktura

Modern spaces need modern options for decor and sound control. This conference room has a series of hanging panels that can do both. 

The sleek acoustic baffles are the ideal complement to the contemporary style of the room, while the bold yellow color adds some brightness and a more playful vibe to the space. The bars dip lower over the conference table, enhancing both the design and the sound control for the space at the same time.

13. Minimal Design

Arktura SoundEdge
“Minimalistic Office” Featuring: SoundEdge by Arktura

Sometimes less is more when it comes to design, particularly when you already have a lot going on in a room. These hanging acoustic fins are thin enough to offer some understated style to the room, while also providing the necessary acoustic control for the office. And because the individual fins are thin, lights are easily suspended between as well, helping the space meet two needs at once. 

Give Your Office Ceiling a Makeover

Gone are the days when an office ceiling needed to be boring and utilitarian in design. Today’s acoustic ceiling modules are innovative, decorative, and highly appealing. 

If you’re creating a dynamic design for your next office project, contact us to see how Arktura’s ceiling panels and baffles can help your design stand out. Or check out our Solutions Studio for more examples of how Artkura’s products can help bring your vision to life. 

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