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Key Features

  • Modular & Dynamic

    Each Customizable Ceiling System is highly configurable and can be adapted to fit any space. Design your own pattern or choose from our style library to fully tailor each system to your project.

  • Project Management

    Customizable Ceiling Systems are guided by our project managers, to translate your goals and design opportunities into a precise workflow. We factor in all base building criteria, then produce detailed software-generated shop drawings to guide our precision manufacturing.

  • Advanced Technology

    From our proprietary software tools to state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Arktura infuses core architectural design expertise with aerospace-level precision manufacturing to meet your specifications and bring your vision to life.

  • Open Versatility

    All our Customizable Ceiling Systems are designed to easily accommodate building systems and lighting. They offer flexibility that allows you to introduce new design elements into your space while helping to screen existing infrastructure from sight.

  • Performance & Sustainable Practices

    As a carbon neutral company, Arktura takes sustainability seriously, in everything from our operations to our sourcing. All of our Standard Wall System materials have a high proportion of recycled content and are fully recyclable.

  • Easy Installation

    Our Customizable Ceiling Systems are tailored to your needs, but built on a framework that eliminates guesswork, and reduces installation time and cost, through our proven, step-by-step “kit of parts” approach. Our easy-to-follow installation instructions provide a clear path to success for your project.

Customizable Ceiling Systems

Customizable Ceiling Systems | All Products

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  • Alluvia® Custom / Show Details

  • TriSoft® Dynamic / Show Details

  • Vapor® Graphic Perf® / Show Details

  • Solutions Studio® ALOHILANI BALLROOM / Show Details

  • TriSoft® Dynamic / Show Details

  • Atmosphera® Pulse / Show Details

  • Alluvia® Custom / Show Details

  • Atmosphera® Analog 3D / Show Details

  • Atmosphera® Contour 3D / Show Details

  • Atmosphera® Analog / Show Details

  • Atmosphera® Contour / Show Details

  • Atmosphera® Lotus / Show Details

  • Atmosphera® Fiora / Show Details

  • Atmosphera® Ripple / Show Details

  • Vapor® Graphic Perf® / Show Details

  • Graphic Perf® Scripted / Show Details

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

The rapidly evolving impact of COVID-19 has put us all in a unique situation. For us, this includes adapting our manufacturing capabilities to supply the medical community, and developing new products to help address social distancing. If you need face shields let us know. The team at Arktura is working with customers online and via phone, GoTo and email every day. We are taking new orders and delivering existing ones per schedule. We have made several significant changes to our factory safety standards and our office team has moved to WFH.